TUESDAY JUN 18, 2024
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INFORMATIONAL Apr 22, 2024 The World's Top 5 Most Breathtaking Airport Designs Airports are more than just places for planes to land and take off; they serve as ambassadors of the communities they serve. In many cases, they provide the first impression of a city or country to passengers passing through. Read More →
NEWS Mar 07, 2024 China Southern Airlines Flight Delayed Four Hours After Passenger Throws Coins in Aircraft Engine A China Southern Airlines flight from Sanya (SYX) to Beijing-Daxing (PKX) was delayed for over four hours after a passenger threw coins into the engine. This incident sheds light on other similar incidents that happened in China over the years. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Oct 29, 2023 The World's 5 Most Unique Airports by Design While the vast majority of airports are built with the aesthetics and the design at the rear of the priorities list, certain airports worldwide are unique in design. This is actually by choice of those who built them, as the more unique airports can sometimes attract more notice from the media and, therefore, increase traffic to said airports. Let's look at the 5 most uniquely designed airports worldwide. Read More →
ROUTES Jun 22, 2023 China Adds More International Routes as Part of Post-Pandemic Recovery China has begun reopening its airports since the pandemic. Many airlines within the country have reported improvements in route popularity, especially due to the increase of travel in the summer. Read More →