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INFORMATIONAL Jan 01, 2024 Children in the Cockpit: The Crash of Aeroflot Flight 593 The idea of having children visit the cockpit of an aircraft raises few eyebrows nowadays due to the assumption that the plane is not in flight and the pilots, who are not occupied with controlling the plane, have allowed the visit. The narrative understandably changes when the scenario changes to the aircraft being in flight. Having children or any otherwise unauthorized individual visiting the cockpit during this time is a risky endeavor. Such a scenario was present in the tragic case of Aeroflot Flight 593. Read More →
NEWS Sep 11, 2023 Canada's Prime Minister Stuck in India After Aircraft Breaks Down Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had to extend his visit to India after his Airbus aircraft broke down. He went to New Delhi for the G20 summit and planned to return on September 10 before a technical issue forced the plane's grounding. Trudeau's aircraft has faced these issues multiple times in the past. Read More →