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INFORMATIONAL Jun 13, 2024 The Top 5 Fastest Commercial Airliners Ever Built Majority of commercial aircraft all fly at similar speed ranges. However, there are few models to fly slightly faster than others. It’s worth noting that, besides the top 2 on this list, the speed difference between most aircraft is small and doesn’t typically affect flying times all that much. Read More →
STORIES Apr 06, 2024 The Aircraft That Mysteriously Caught Fire: South African Airways Flight 295 Whenever a major air incident occurs, authorities can determine the cause of the crash following a comprehensive investigation. However, the case of South African Airways Flight 295 is unique. Unfortunately, the exact cause of this tragedy continues to remain unknown. This is the mystery of the Helderberg, a Boeing 747-200 from South African Airways. Read More →
STORIES Apr 03, 2024 Long Live the Queen: The Ageless Reign of the Boeing 747 The 747 has flown for nearly half the entire history of aviation. It will continue to serve for decades to come. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 30, 2024 How This Boeing 747 Went Supersonic When we think of supersonic travel, we immediately think of aircraft like the Concorde and various types of fighter jets. That's because these aircraft were built to regularly fly at supersonic speeds. But what if I told you that a Boeing 747 once went supersonic? Believe it or not, this happened back in 1991 and that's what we will be discussing today. Read More →
NEWS Mar 21, 2024 The Next World's Biggest Plane Could Be 12 Times Larger Than the Boeing 747 Radia, a Colorado-based energy startup, has been developing the world's largest aircraft in aviation history. The aircraft, dubbed The WindRunner, will be 12 times larger than the Boeing 747. It will also be larger than the Antonov An-225 destroyed during the Russia-Ukraine war. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 19, 2024 How Boeing's Aircraft Conduct International Charter Flights for Baseball Teams Major League Baseball (MLB) will host three games in global markets for the 2024 season, including the first-ever match in South Korea. Although the event brings excitement, the team travel logistics present an obstacle with sleep and adjustment for the start of the season. Most MLB teams use various Boeing aircraft for charter flights to domestic and international games. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 18, 2024 This Boeing 747 Was Purposely Crashed for a Movie Stunt An example of the intersection between film and aviation involves the 2020 film Tenet. The movie's directors purchased a Boeing 747 to blow up during filming. Read More →
STORIES Mar 17, 2024 Heavy Fog Leads to a Boeing 747 Crashing into Homes in Kyrgyzstan: Turkish Airlines Flight 6491 Turkish Airlines Flight 6491 was a scheduled international cargo flight operated by ACT Airlines on behalf of Turkish Cargo. An incident occurred while the flight was conducting a layover in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, on January 16, 2017. Read More →
NEWS Mar 01, 2024 Asiana Airlines to Retire Its Last Boeing 747-400 Aircraft After 25 Years The COVID-19 pandemic has seen several aircraft being retired earlier than expected. It was expected that Asiana Airlines would retire their Boeing 747-400s permanently. One sole aircraft, HL7428, made it through the pandemic and is still flying for Asiana. However, with HL7428 nearing 25 years of operation, Asiana has announced that the aircraft will retire on March 25. Read More →
NEWS Feb 25, 2024 Lufthansa and South African Airways Planes Nearly Collide at Johannesburg Airport A Lufthansa Boeing 747 almost collided with a South African Airways (SAA) Airbus A320 at Johannesburg O. R. Tambo International Airport (JNB) on February 23. The Lufthansa plane, flying under flight number LH 573 to Frankfurt, was starting to take off from runway 03L when SAA flight SA 422 crossed the runway. An investigation is currently underway to pinpoint the incident's root cause. Read More →