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Spirit Airlines: Baggage Rules and Policies

Spirit Airlines: Baggage Rules and Policies


Recently, there has been a budget airline that has been making its rounds through the news due to a potential merger with one of its competitors, JetBlue (which you can read about here). This carrier is the notoriously successful Spirit Airlines. 


Photo: Dylan Campbell | AeroXplorer


When purchasing an airline ticket on Spirit, it can be a strenuous ordeal to find out what the baggage policy of the airline is due to its different booking system and selling economy-class-only tickets. 


This is not like other airlines such as United, which have clearly outlined their policies related to cancellations and baggage on their booking platform.



So if you're confused about Spirit Airline's baggage policies, or going to fly on the carrier in the near future, you've come to the right place, because this article will give you all the information you need to know on Spirit Airlines' baggage policies and rules.


Spirit Airlines is one of the largest low-cost carriers (LCCs) in North America. Photo: Dylan Campbell | AeroXplorer


Different Website Layout = Smaller Fine Text = Obscure Baggage Rules


Spirit Airlines' primary website booking system doesn't have different fare types as the legacy carriers do. If you want to fly on Spirit, you book an economy ticket. No basic ticket, no refundable ticket, just a plain economy ticket. 


When potentially booking a ticket with the carrier, there is an area of text in the upper right corner of the booking page that has the airline's baggage policy linked to it.




Since Spirit Airlines is a low-cost carrier, the ticket you purchase is only for the bare-bones ticket and flight. After putting in passenger information (Name, DOB, etc...), one has to go through numerous different pages (bundles, seat selection, etc.) to get to the payment information screen. 


Among these various screens offering paid add-ons, is the baggage page. Spirit Airlines is a no-fringes, strictly low-cost airline, meaning that one has to pay for everything at the airline - including carry-ons and checked baggage.


Circled in red is the small text where passengers can find ticket information | Photo: 
Only fare prices/tariffs are offered on Spirit Airlines; "SAVER$ CLUB" is for those who want to save money and are a part of Spirit Airlines' "Free Spirit" (miles/rewards) program | Photo: 


Finally... Baggage Allowances


Passengers in all seats (economy, or Spirit Airlines' "BIG FRONT SEAT") are allowed one free carry-on bag to fit underneath the seat. This "personal item" can be anything from a computer to a duffel bag. 


The dimensions of your under-seat item should be (in order of length, width, and height) 14 inches by 8 inches by 18 inches.


Photo: Brantsen Gill | AeroXplorer


In my experience, I've been able to fit far larger (around 20 by 10 by 8 by 20 inch) bags underneath Spirit's economy seats, but I wouldn't recommend doing it due to the high penalty if you're caught. As for a carry-on bag (which you put in the overhead bins), Spirit specifies a maximum (in order of length, width, and height) of 18 inches by 10 inches by 22 inches. 


Finally, for checked bags (going into the cargo hold), Spirit doesn't specify any specific numbers, but only that passengers checked bags should have a maximum size (combined length, width, and height) of 62 inches.




What Baggage Restrictions Are There? 


As of May 2023, there are no baggage restrictions for domestic flights inside of the United States. There are restrictions on most flights between Colombia, some Peruvian and Ecuadorian cities. The baggage restrictions (regions/countries) are as follows: 


RegionDates Restrictions 
S. America - Lima (LIM)*All Year**- One paid bag per passenger 
- Additional baggage can be purchased based on "inventory" (space) 
- Checked baggage/items NOT MORE THAN 100 POUNDS (45.3 KG) 
- Oversized baggage/checked items NOT MORE THAN 80 INCHES (L x W x H) IN SIZE
- Sporting Equipment NOT MORE THAN 80 INCHES (L x W x H IN SIZE; Counts as one checked item per person 
S. America - Colombia (AXM, BAQ,CLO, BGA, CTG, MDE) All Year**- One paid bag (includes checked sports luggage, and other "special" items) per passenger 
- Additional baggage can be purchased on a first-come-first-serve basis***
Ecuador (GYE) All Year** - Additional baggage can be purchased on a first-come-first-serve basis 
All International Destinations December 1 - January 10 - One paid bag/checked item allowed per person
- Additional checked baggage/items accepted on a first-come-first-serve-basis*** 
- Overweight baggage/items subject to charges over 41 pounds (18 kg) 
- Oversized baggage/items larger than 80 inches (L x W x H) NOT ACCEPTED
- Oversized baggage/items larger than 62 inches (L x W x H) SUBJECT TO CHARGES


*Airport code 

**Changes to all international destinations, holiday season (December 1 - January 10) restrictions 

***Spirit Airlines allots a certain amount of space inside their aircraft's cargo holds to extra checked baggage


Photo: Peter Lam | AeroXplorer


How Much Does Baggage (Carry On or Checked) Cost? 


For carry-on baggage (in overhead bins), the fees are as follows: 


During Booking Before Online Check-in (After Booking) During Online Check-in At Airport At Gate 


As for checked baggage within weight and size limits, the fees are: 


During Booking Before Online Check-in (After Booking) During Online Check-in At Airport At Gate 


As one may notice, Spirit offers cheaper prices for checked baggage as opposed to carry-on. This is most likely due to scheduling between flights. 


Passengers who all have carry-on baggage will deplane for a longer period of time than those who mostly have checked baggage. This allows Spirit Airlines aircraft to have shorter turnaround times and higher on-time performance.




Spirit offers slightly increased fees for more than one checked bag. They are as follows:


-During Booking Before Online Check-in (After Booking) During Online Check-inAt AirportAt Gate 
2nd Checked Bag$36$46$46$60Not Allowed
3rd-5th Checked Bag*$81 $91 $91 $100Not Allowed 

*More than five checked pieces of luggage are not allowed 


Baggage that exceeds the airlines' specifications on size and weight is as follows: 


(Excess) Weight/Dimensions Extra Fee Per Bag/Item 
40-50 lb (18-23 kg)+$35 
50-70 lb (23-32 kg)+$60
70-100 (32-45 kg) +$100
62-80 in (158-203 cm)+$100
>80 in (203 cm)+$150


Like any other airline, budget or not, Spirit allows passengers to bring special "items" onboard their aircraft, although these items need to be checked in and placed in the hold.


Special Item Each Way (One Way)
Bicycle $75 
Surf Board(s) - Maximum 2 per bag$100 per board 
Golf Clubs Same fees as checked baggage (refer to table above)
Ski/Snowboard(s) Same fees as checked baggage (refer to table above) 


If you're planning on flying on Spirit Airlines in the next few months, we hope you found this article helpful in regard to your trip. We wish you safe flights from the entire team at AeroXplorer!

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