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JetBlue and American Airlines Announce More Details of Codeshare Partnership

JetBlue and American Airlines Announce More Details of Codeshare Partnership


In an industry where cooperation between rival airlines is nearly unheard of, JetBlue and American Airlines have announced the latest updates and received Department of Transportation (DOT) approval for their new partnership. While other airlines have worked to out-maneuver each other's domestic route networks as the coronavirus has brought international travel to a screeching halt, the two airlines will begin operating these codeshares together.

In July 2020, the two airlines sent copies of their agreement to the DOT, which had 30 days to respond. The DOT extended the review deadline to late November 2020, but did not take any further action, allowing both airlines to assume that the agreement had been approved.



Photo of N824AN - American Airlines Boeing 787-9 at ORD
American Airlines and JetBlue released more details about their new codeshare agreement. TheExplorerBlog ⎢ Kyle Jonas
Photo of N558JB - JetBlue Airways Airbus A320 at FLL
TheExplorerBlog ⎢Zachary Metsch



The new codeshare is expected to further round out American’s domestic network in regions of the country where it has a smaller influence such as the Northeast and will give more slots to JetBlue at busy airports like JFK. JetBlue's Boston hub will challenge Delta, and its hub at Newark will challenge United. Ever since Alaska Airlines entered the Oneworld Alliance, the presence of American Airlines has significantly increased in the Pacific Northwest and  has penetrated otherwise uncontested hubs like Delta in Seattle and United in San Francisco.



Photo of N286AY - American Airlines Airbus A330-200 at CLT
American Airlines says they plan to focus on their international routes. TheExplorerBlog ⎢ Andrew Mauro



While JetBlue takes over some regional and domestic flights, American hopes to focus more energy on its international routes, which were significantly curtailed over the summer. In particular, it is focusing on maintaining two popular European destinations, London (LHR) and Madrid (MAD), bringing back a popular winter destination in 2021, Rio de Janeiro (GIG), and beginning two new routes from JFK to Tel Aviv (TLV) and Athens (ATH). 


New "benefits" will be provided to frequent flyers with both airlines, while luxury first-class experiences like JetBlue's famous "Mint" will now be more accessible than ever. American also touts that nearly 130 destinations from New York will be available for passengers on the codeshare agreement.



Photo of N193JB - JetBlue Airways Embraer E190 at JFK
The new codeshare agreement will give passengers easier access to premium travel, including JetBlue's "Mint" service. TheExplorerBlog ⎢ Oliver van Tiel



How do you feel about the new agreement? Is this a smart decision given the pandemic’s impact? Share your thoughts in the comments below.  







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