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How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car by Air?

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car by Air?



Can you ship a vehicle by air? And how much does it cost? And who can even ship a car by air?


Today, we'll get into all of that and more below.


Let's get started.


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Can You Ship a Vehicle By Air?


Yes, auto shipping by air is possible. Companies like FedEx and UPS and transport services like A1 Auto Transport can help transport a vehicle by air. Air is superior to land travel as it reduces delays and makes logistics easy when handling vehicles that are potentially worth millions of dollars.




Racecar drivers always need their vehicles to drive, and getting their expensive vehicle from one side of the world to another is required for the race to happen. Considering this, companies like F1 and NASCAR rely on their teams to use air shipping for easy logistics.


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The problem with land or sea travel is how long it can take to transport a vehicle. With deadlines being fairly close, air travel is always an easy way to ship anything without worrying about the logistics of accidents, weather, and traffic delays.


The only downside of air shipping is the cost. Most vehicles are not worth transporting via air, as often the cost of travel is by weight, and cars weigh much more than your average package. While it is not economical to ship a vehicle by air, it is certainly required by many businesses worldwide.




How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car via Air?


Shipping a vehicle across the United States by air can cost anywhere between $2000 to $4000, and this is on the low end of the estimate. For international travel, it can start to be more the cost of the vehicle itself.




Shipping a vehicle by air considers the time it takes, the load of the vehicle, and the time of year. The best way to determine the total cost of shipping your vehicle is by using a car shipping calculator to get a free quote from a transportation service.


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Who to Work With to Ship a Car By Air?


If you don't mind spending a bit of money, then a transportation service can ship a car by air. You'll want to go the extra mile and check out a few different transport services before you land on just one, as you'll be offered many different quotes.


As the customer, you have the power to negotiate down the price, so use that to your advantage. Make sure the company you're working with is licensed and registered to operate as a vehicle transportation service. Otherwise, you may get mixed up with a broker that sells your lead to a company that doesn't deserve your business.


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Check out the online reviews for the transport service to ensure that they have shipped by air in the past. Many companies offer this type of service, but it's fairly rarely used and, therefore, not battle-tested. It's best to work with a transport company that has been tried in the past, so you don't take any risks.




If the vehicle you are transporting is also worth several hundred thousand, then it's worth noting that you'll likely need to pay for additional insurance. While most transport services are insured by law, the coverage is not always full.


Once you've decided on which transport service you will use, it's time to hand off the vehicle and enjoy your vehicle in your new destination, all without having to wait months at a time for delivery!


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Is it Worth Shipping a Vehicle by Air?


The only problem with air shipping is the high cost. If you can afford it, it is considered a luxury. Many rich businessmen fly out their vehicles to their vacations all the time. It's better than renting, and it's super easy too, once you work with the right company.




While air transport minimizes logistical challenges associated with land and sea travel, its primary drawback lies in the considerable cost. The expense, often based on weight, makes air shipping impractical for most vehicles, with costs ranging between $2000 to $4000 for domestic transport and potentially exceeding the vehicle's value for international shipments.


Photo: A1 Auto Transport


To determine the precise cost, utilizing a car shipping calculator and obtaining quotes from reputable transportation services is crucial. When choosing a transport service for air shipping, thorough research, including checking reviews and ensuring proper licensing, is essential. Negotiating prices and considering additional insurance for high-value vehicles are important steps in the process.




Ultimately, the decision to ship a vehicle by air is a luxury that comes at a premium. While the high cost may be prohibitive for many, those who can afford it benefit from the unparalleled speed and ease of transport, making it a preferred choice for certain individuals and businesses. As with any significant financial decision, careful consideration of the specific circumstances, including the value and urgency of the shipment, is crucial to determine whether air shipping is worthwhile.



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