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Emirates and Etihad Expand Interline Partnership to Boost UAE Tourism

Emirates and Etihad Expand Interline Partnership to Boost UAE Tourism


Emirates (EK) and Etihad Airways (EY) have entered into an agreement to expand their interline partnership and offer more itinerary options for travellers visiting the UAE.


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This Memorandum of Understanding is a unique collaboration between the two UAE-based airlines, aimed at enhancing tourism to the UAE from major source markets by allowing visitors to explore multiple destinations within a single itinerary.


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Emirates and Etihad Sign Interline Agreement


During the upcoming summer, Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airways will offer a single ticket option that allows passengers to fly into Dubai or Abu Dhabi and return seamlessly via the other airport.


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This agreement also provides tourists visiting the UAE with more flexibility and ease by enabling them to purchase one-stop tickets for their entire journey, along with the convenience of baggage check-in.




During the initial phase of the expanded interline agreement, Emirates Airline and Etihad Airways will concentrate on increasing inbound interline traffic from specific points in China and Europe to promote tourism in the UAE.

The new agreement will allow visitors to explore multiple emirates of the UAE, including Abu Dhabi and Dubai, using a single ticket with a seamless return via the other airport.


This 'open jaw' arrangement will save visitors time by eliminating the need to fly home via their arrival airport.


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Customers can also choose to fly into one city and return from another point served by either Emirates or Etihad, thanks to the 'multi-city flights' option.


The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by Adnan Kazim, Emirates' Chief Commercial Officer, and Mohammad Al Bulooki, Chief Operating Officer of Etihad Airways, during Arabian Travel Market, in the presence of other senior representatives such as Sir Tim Clark, President, Emirates Airline, and Antonoaldo Neves, Etihad CEO.


Emirates and Etihad Executive Insights


According to Sir Tim Clark, the President of Emirates Airline, the partnership with Etihad Airways will enable each carrier to provide more travel options to and from the UAE, which will enhance UAE tourism.


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He added that by leveraging each other's strengths, they are creating a solid basis to explore more opportunities between both airlines and demonstrate their dedication to the UAE's goal of economic diversification.


Antonoaldo Neves, CEO of Etihad Airways, expressed his excitement for the partnership with Emirates and their common goal of promoting inbound tourism to the UAE and making travel to their dynamic cities more accessible.




He stated that with the support of two exceptional airlines, the new interline agreement will offer visitors the opportunity to experience Abu Dhabi and Dubai with a single ticket, ensuring a remarkable flying experience with either Etihad Airways or Emirates. Neves emphasized that this agreement is a win-win situation for travelers to the UAE.


What’s Next?


The expanded interline agreement between Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airways reflects the airlines' commitment to supporting the UAE government's objective of promoting tourism to the UAE and enhancing its position as a preferred global destination.


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The tourism industry is a vital pillar of the UAE economy, expected to contribute 5.4% of the nation's total GDP, supporting over 1 million jobs by 2027.


This partnership allows both carriers to offer travelers a range of seamless travel options to and from the UAE, boosting inbound tourism from select markets.

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