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Archer, Signature Aviation Sign Landmark Infrastructure Deal for Evtol Operations

Archer, Signature Aviation Sign Landmark Infrastructure Deal for Evtol Operations

BY JASPER YU-DAWIDOWICZ Published on June 18, 2024 0 COMMENTS
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Electric air taxi service just took a step closer to reality. Announced Monday, leading eVTOL manufacturer Archer Aviation and fixed-based operator Signature Aviation signed a momentum of understanding (MoU) to electrify the largest network of private aviation terminals across the United States. 


Archer eVTOLs to Gain Access to Hundreds of Airports


The collaboration between Archer and Signature Aviation will allow Archer to gain access to over 200 airport terminals in major cities across the country, including New York, Chicago, Houston, and San Francisco. 


The agreement will create hundreds of potential connections between major urban areas and global aviation hubs, making transportation between airports and cities faster and more efficient.




Archer Announces Landmark Infrastructure Deal With Signature Aviation;  Gains Access to Largest Network of Private Aviation Terminals in the World  | Nation/World |
Photo: Bluefield Daily Telegraph


Commenting on the landmark agreement, Archer Chief Growth and Infrastructure Officer Bryan Bernhard said: "We are thrilled to join forces with Signature Aviation to advance the infrastructure needed to support the future of urban air mobility.


By focusing on electrifying key aviation assets in major cities such as New York and Chicago, we are taking essential steps toward making sustainable and efficient air travel."


"The partnership will help us establish a robust network of landing sites across the country to enable the scaling of our air taxi service, ensuring our Midnight aircraft can seamlessly integrate into urban environments and provide a reliable transportation solution for our passengers." 




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Signature Terminals Powered By Beta Technologies


Leveraging both Archer and Signature relationships with BETA Technologies, an eVTOL and electric battery manufacturer, all Signature terminals will be equipped with BETA's recharging systems.


These charging systems utilize the Combined Charging System, which allows electric aircraft, cars, and buses to be charged quickly and efficiently. Systems have already been installed at over 20 airports nationwide and are planned to be installed in at least 50 additional sites in the coming years.


The agreement between Signature and Archer will help BETA bring its innovative charging technologies to hundreds of additional airports. 




Archer Aviation Brings Beta's Charging Network to the West Coast
Photo: Aviation International News


Archer and United Airlines Continued Partnership(AeroXplorer


The MoU signed Monday also includes day-one opportunities for launching Archer air service at key United hubs, like Newark International Airport (EWR) and Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD), building off an existing relationship between the two.


In 2021, United Airlines announced an order for 200 Archer Midnight eVTOL aircraft, a deal valued at over $1 Billion. United and Archer hope to bring electric air taxi service to major metropolitan areas by 2025, a goal that the agreement between Signature and Archer will no doubt help with. 




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In addition, in 2023, Archer and United announced the first-ever commercial air taxi route in the United States between Chicago O'Hare Airport and a heliport located in Downtown Chicago. A proposal is also in place for a similar route between Newark and Manhattan.


Archer Aviation is recognized as one of the leading eVTOL manufacturers globally. In March of 2024, Archer announced an agreement with Falcon Aviation to develop advanced air mobility in the United Arab Emirates (AeroXporer) and plans to begin commercial operations in South Korea in 2026. 


Earlier this month, Archer became the second eVTOL company to be given the go-ahead by the FAA to begin commercial air taxi operations (AeroXporer). The Part 135 certification allows Archer Aviation to start commercial operations with their electric aircraft.




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Archer plans to revolutionize urban travel by replacing time-consuming commutes by car with drastically shorter electric air taxi flights. The company prides itself in its commitment to safe, sustainable, low-noise, and cost-competitive flights (AeroXporer).


Manufa manufacturer's super ship aircraft, the Archer Midnight, is a piloted four-passenger aircraft designed to operate short back-to-back flights (about 20-30 miles) with short charge times.

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