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Tejas Bhatia

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dtxjets • Joined 02/13/2020
About | Photos (168) | Articles (11) | Albums | Groups

Tejas is an aviation photographer based in the DFW Metroplex. He has been passionate about aviation and photography since he was young and has pursued these interests by planespotting professionally, founding his school’s photography club, and joining AeroXplorer, where he currently serves as the Chief Marketing Officer. He strives to improve his photography skills by utilizing different editing platforms and learning from other photographers. Other than aviation and photography, Tejas has a passion for learning about Politics, Public Policy, and International Affairs. He is currently the Vice President of his school’s Model United Nations Delegation. You can view Tejas’ aviation photos on AeroXplorer as well as on his Instagram - @dtxjets.

📍 Dallas, TX

📷 Sony A7ii and Sigma 100mm-400mm


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