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Nailah Blake Hello! I'm from the SF Bay Area and I spot at all of the surrounding airports as well as the airports in whatever area I visit. Outside of aviation, I love the MCU, basketball, baseball, and listening to music.
SF Bay Area
TRIP REPORTS Nov 14, 2021 Flying JetBlue and Delta During the Pandemic A lot of airlines had to make various changes to their product as a result of the pandemic. Here, I dive into how two airlines, Jetblue and Delta handled the pandemic during my trips with them a few months ago, and how those changes may affect the passenger's experience in the future. Read More →
STORIES Apr 14, 2021 Avelo Airlines: Destined for Greatness or Bankruptcy? Avelo Airlines is looking to place itself in the leisure travel market and make a change, but with so many factors not on their side, how can an aviation veteran's airline climb? Read More →
NEWS Apr 02, 2021 United Airlines Completes First Flights Out of JFK  'JFK Airport has re-entered the chat.' On March 28th, after an almost two-month delay from the original start date of February 1st, United Airlines completed their first flights out of New York-JFK to San Francisco and Los Angeles. Read More →