TUESDAY JUN 25, 2024
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Hadi Ahmad Lifelong aviation enthusiast raised in Central Illinois. 777 is the best plane BTW.
Champaign, Illinois
STORIES Apr 06, 2024 The Aircraft That Mysteriously Caught Fire: South African Airways Flight 295 Whenever a major air incident occurs, authorities can determine the cause of the crash following a comprehensive investigation. However, the case of South African Airways Flight 295 is unique. Unfortunately, the exact cause of this tragedy continues to remain unknown. This is the mystery of the Helderberg, a Boeing 747-200 from South African Airways. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 04, 2024 What Happened to Donald Trump's $365 Million, All-Boeing 727 Airline? Aside from being a successful businessman and a former American president, Donald Trump is also known for his stunning private Boeing 757. But did you know that Trump once owned his own airline some 30 years back? We will be recounting the story of the Trump Shuttle. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 01, 2024 The World's Longest Flights to Latin America Air travel has made the world a much smaller place. Journeys that would have once taken weeks or months to complete are now completed in hours. You may have seen various lists of the current longest flights in the world. However, this article will take it further and list the five current longest flights offered from Latin America. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 30, 2024 How This Boeing 747 Went Supersonic When we think of supersonic travel, we immediately think of aircraft like the Concorde and various types of fighter jets. That's because these aircraft were built to regularly fly at supersonic speeds. But what if I told you that a Boeing 747 once went supersonic? Believe it or not, this happened back in 1991 and that's what we will be discussing today. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 27, 2024 Why Pilots Never Eat the Same Meal Imagine you are onboard a long-haul flight, and dinner has just been served. There are usually a variety of options to choose from; chances are, one of the pilots may have also had a similar meal. The key word is "one," as there is a common myth that the pilots of a flight never eat the same meal. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 26, 2024 The Unusual Things Airlines Transport Besides Passengers Aviation has facilitated the transport of various commodities aside from passengers and the usual cargo. When the time comes to transport some large loads, aviation is there to help. Airlines often transport unusual items for various reasons. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 23, 2024 How an Airport's Elevation Impacts Aircraft Performance Passengers likely do not think about certain factors affecting an aircraft's performance as the plane takes off. Elevation is one such factor, with an airport's elevation playing a significant role in how easily an aircraft can get off the ground. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 20, 2024 Ghost Flights Explained: Planes Taking Off With Little to No Passengers Airlines ideally prefer selling all possible seats on a particular flight to ensure it generates the most profit amid the high costs of operating an aircraft. However, there are cases where airlines operate flights with little to no passengers onboard. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 18, 2024 This Boeing 747 Was Purposely Crashed for a Movie Stunt An example of the intersection between film and aviation involves the 2020 film¬†Tenet.¬†The movie's directors purchased a Boeing 747 to blow up during filming. Read More →
STORIES Mar 17, 2024 Crashing into a Mango Garden After Takeoff: Pakistan International Airlines Flight 688 This is the story of Pakistan International Airlines Flight 688, a shocking tragedy that highlighted the negligence of an airline and the ultimate price it had to pay. Read More →