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United Introduces Discount for Flights to Sunbelt

United Introduces Discount for Flights to Sunbelt


Disclaimer: The offers described in this article are limited time and may have already changed by the time of publication. Check the link at the bottom of this article for the most up-to-date options.


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United Airlines announced this week a promotional offer dubbed "$70 to Over 70", flights with fares under $70 (one-way) to Sun Belt destinations with spring temperature averages of above 70°F. Prices with United's MileagePlus award program begin at 7000 miles each. United is boasting a variety of offers: certain routes are being promoted on their website, while customers will have to manually search for other specific routes. Originating mostly from hubs, some of the current promoted destinations include Miami, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and New Orleans. However, purchasing these uncharacteristically cheap tickets may come with a few caveats. First of all, passengers have little flexibility on the dates of their trip; for example, a $39 flight from Houston to Phoenix is only available on April 25, 2021. Even with this restriction, customers still have the choice of which of the day's flights they would like to take. In addition, most of the prices listed are minimum prices in Basic Economy, United's most restrictive ticket class. Without status or airline credit cards, Basic Economy passengers sit in the same seats as Economy passengers, but cannot choose seats, check bags, experience restrictions on permitted carry-on baggage. In addition, online check-in is not available to Basic Economy passengers as airport staff must ensure that carry-ons fit the stricter regulations. Some, but not all, of these restrictions can be mitigated or even eliminated through MileagePlus status with United. Otherwise, prices easily reach the $70 and $100 range in regular Economy class. Nevertheless, those with free time, flexibility, and a desire to escape cold weather should take advantage of these offers, especially with most families' spring break a few weeks away. Several other airlines, including Southwest, are offering similar cheap getaways. Given the global pandemic of the last year, passengers should take utmost caution when flying and remain aware that travel, both onboard an aircraft and on the ground, significantly increases one's risk of contracting COVID-19.


Are you interested in these offers? Are you willing to fly Basic Economy in exchange for a cheap Florida vacation? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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