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Trans States Airlines To Terminate Services

Trans States Airlines To Terminate Services


According to multiple reports, Trans States Airlines will be ending all service by the end of 2020.

A Trans States Airlines E145 lands at IAD.  Credit: TheExplorerBlog | Winston Shek

The news was leaked in a memo by Rick Leach, the president of Trans States Holdings, the parent company of Trans States Airlines. 

The memo provides a summary of Trans States Airlines recent struggles.  "With the tight pilot resource environment, coupled with increased unit cost due to reduced productivity and general cost increases on most line items, the last 18 months has proven to be tough for the airline.  Last year was an exceptionally challenging financial year, and early indications point to 2020 continuing down the same path," the memo states. "In short, our expenses continue to rise, resulting in a balance sheet that is neither profitable nor sustainable."

There will be a plan to wind down services according to the memo.  It states, "Trans States still has an extremely important role to play in the United network throughout the remainder of 2020, but you will see a measured reduction of aircraft come off-line before the start of summer flying. United is counting on us to operate a significant number of aircraft throughout the summer, after which aircraft transitions will resume at a yet to be determined rate through the end of the year, with all flying to be concluded by the end of 2020."

As part of the carrier's demise, Trans States Airlines will be transferring 36 of its E145's to ExpressJet.  ExpressJet will make improvements like wifi to the received E145's. Also, ExpressJet will become an E145 only airline, removing its E175 fleet.  This is part of a significant reshuffling for United Express.

Currently, Trans States Airlines operates for United Express with its fleet of 42 E145s.  United Express has eight regional partners operating under its name, Air Wisconsin, CommutAir, ExpressJet, GoJet Airlines, Mesa Airways, Republic Airways, SkyWest Airlines, and Trans States Airlines.  Among recent achievements, United Express will acquire CRJ-550s, a converted CRJ700, with features that make it highly appealing for travelers like a first-class cabin.

A United Express E145 lands at one of United's hubs.  Credit: TheExplorerBlog | Winston Shek

Trans States Airlines has a parent company, stated above, which is Trans States Holdings.  The company also owns GoJet and Compass Airlines. Compass Airlines is currently in the midst of a divorce with Delta Connection.  Meanwhile, GoJet operates a fleet of CRJ700s for United Express and Delta Connection.

Trans States Airlines commenced flying as Resort Air in 1982, flying in the surrounding Missouri area.  In 1989, the carrier changed its name to its present branding. Before that, it had been operating flights at TWA's St. Louis hub as Trans World Express.  Later, it added regional partners like United Express, USAir, and Delta Connection.

In recent years, there has been lots of movement in the regional carrier industry.  There were bankruptcies like Great Lakes Airlines, Republic Airlines, and Chaquetua, among others, which occurred mainly due to pilot shortages, financial difficulties, and competition.

What are your thoughts on the airline?  Will you miss them? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Winston Shek
Winston is an avid aviation photographer who currently resides in the DMV. He is currently a high school student who would love to have a career in the aviation industry. In his free time, he likes to play video games, play chess, or practice his photography.

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