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TheExplorerBlog Photo Screening FAQ

TheExplorerBlog Photo Screening FAQ


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How does the process work?

Submitted photos are sent for screening. If they are accepted, they are displayed on the website. If not, they are sent for appeal. All rejected photos are automatically appealed. If your photo passes the appeal process, you will receive another email letting you know. Otherwise, the screener's decision will stand.


What sets you apart from other photo platforms?

We aren't as strict as many of the better known platforms in terms of guidelines.  However, we do have a certain set of guidelines that put us in the median in terms of leniency.


How Do I Use the System?

Find your image by clicking the upload image button and then fill in the necessary info and click submit.


What if my religion prevents me from using the system?

Don't use it.


 What file extensions do you accept?

.jpg, .jpeg, and .png are all accepted.


What is the maximum file size?



What does adding a watermark do?

You will be prompted to a different screen where you can apply your watermark.  You can change the size, form, and location of our watermark.  When done, click finish.  In the future, we will have custom watermarks for our users coming from our future TheExplorerBlog memberships!!!


What happens when I add feedback for rejection?

This means that you ask for help from our photography team to see how they can help you with your photo.  You will get this feedback in your email which you registered the account with.


How do I format what an aircraft is?

Use this handy table we have provided :).  Otherwise, use the dropdown provided.

Use ER/LR only for Boeing/Airbus aircraft

Aircraft Formatting(Note that X, Y, Z represent different numbers)
Boeing 737-X00, Boeing 747-X00, Boeing 757-X00, Boeing 767-X00
Boeing 777-200, Boeing 777-300, Boeing 777-200ER, Boeing 777-300ER
Boeing 787-8, Boeing 787-9, Boeing 787-10
Airbus A319-100, Airbus A320-200, Airbus A321-200, Airbus A321NEO, Airbus A321LR, Airbus A321XLR
Airbus A330-X00, Airbus A340-X00, Airbus A350-X00
Airbus A380-800
Embraer E-1XY
(Bombardier) CRJ-X00, Dash 8 QXYZ
(Tupelov) TU-XYZ
Antonov AN-XYZ
Cessna XYZ
Ilyushin IL-XY

Private jets are formatted via their formal names.


What airline name do I use if my aircraft is a private jet?


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