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TheExplorerBlog Article Guidelines

TheExplorerBlog Article Guidelines


The ExplorerBlog has a meticulous but simple screening process.  First, a user submits their article through their dashboard. They simply copy and paste their hard work into the worksheet, add some simple information and submit.  After this, each of our carefully handpicked craftsmen screen the articles and decide their fate. One day, you could have an article on our website!!!

We strive to make our community fair and safe. That being said, we have a list of guidelines that our screeners follow to ensure that our website only displays true and fair information. This document shares these guidelines with our users so that they all have a fair advantage when uploading.

These are TheExplorerBlog's article guidelines.  All of these guidelines will help determine whether your article will be rejected or not.

  1. Do not use any special characters in the title of your article:

Example: *, ', ", ^, 

However, you are able to use #, ", ., ?, and more.

When uploading your screened article, a page is created for your article and it is linked in the screening platform. If you use a character that is not supported in the title of the article, the article will not appear and the screener won't be able to view it.

  1. Make sure your file can load:

If your file can't load, the screener will be unable to view it and therefore will not be able to give a fair verdict.

  1. Make sure your photos are accessible:

If photos can't load, nobody can see those beautiful pieces of art that each photographer put a lot of effort into.

  1. Make sure your article is in English

Rejection Example: No hablo ingles.  Me gusta el aeropuerto mucho porque es muy divertido.

  1. Incorrect Information

Rejection Example: United Airlines is ordered 90000 A330NEOs

We strive to keep our community and content 100 percent accurate and productive. Therefore, we only allow information that is true on our website. If you see information on one of our published articles that is not true, please send us an email at

  1. Article is unclear

Example: You are talking about United Airlines ordering A321XLRs and you start talking about why Danny Devito is thick

Users visiting our website that decide to read articles usually want to find out what the story is about. Please keep the subject constant, clear, and concise throughout your article.

  1. Use of Profanity or Offensive Language

Example: Offending the entire Jewish community

We want to keep our community inclusive and free of hate,  There are obvious exceptions like in a quote, but make sure to censor the word.   

  1. Article too long//too short

Example: United Airlines is cool, enough said, end of article.

  1. Sources not properly cited

Example: Not citing an image that isn't yours

You can be sued for using content that isn't yours without proper citation. Please be sure to give credit to the owner of a source that you use in your article. There is no need to give credit to your own photo (you can if you wish, but not necessary)

  1.  Article is irrelevant

Example: Talking about a non-related aviation topic like 6ix9ine killing someone in jail

This is an aviation-related blog, so we expect all authors to submit aviation-related content.

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