By Luca Azim 04/19/2021 169 views

Most of the world has suffered dreadfully from the pandemic of COVID-19 (Coronavirus 2019). But amid the shocking third Coronavirus Wave in Europe, this article reveals if the continent will ever be back to "normal" as such.

Let's start with the UK (United Kingdom). The UK had a second wave in late-2020 and went into lockdown within the first week of the new year. The UK government had not released any information to its airlines such as national carriers like British Airways or Virgin Atlantic (which have profited well in the pandemic due to freight and limited passenger travel) and has also failed many airlines such as TUI who enquired to the UK government for a grant of money of which it was refused without reason. 

In the UK as such, you cannot leave the country until 30th June without reason (i.e. holidays) without a negative test and/or no coronavirus symptoms. You can get a hefty fine of £5000 (~$6900) for doing this. As of yet with fewer restrictions, we still don't know how much of an impact Coronavirus has had.


Next up is Norway, which unfortunately is one of the countries experiencing awful difficulty in getting cases down. Their national carrier has almost gone bust once and is now in a dire state verging yet again on bankruptcy, this will mean that not only will people be in redundancy in Norway but also in the UK and USA as Norwegian do several flights with the Boeing 787-8 (788) and the Boeing 737-MAX8 (7M8) between England, Scotland and the USA. 


Thirdly, Germany. The Bund or German Government have published restrictions that are extremely confusing to most Germans and foreigners. Some travel is allowed in this country but, it is still heavily restricted and monitored cautiously. The Lufthansa Group is still afloat, this includes Eurowings and Germanwings (which ceased operations a year ago on 7th April 2020) 

TUI Germany (along with TUI France, Nederland, and Belgium) have benefitted from a €2 Billion (~$2397000000.00)  grant from the German government to get them up and running again.


Fourthly, France. France recorded a scarily high average amount of 40,000 daily new cases of COVID each day last week. Like the UK and Germany, the French Government has been unclear on travel restrictions going forward and emergency restrictions have had to be put in place to combat this incredible surge in the Coronavirus.

At current it is highly debatable if Europe will get on its feet again (as a whole) but certain countries are suffering more than others particularly with the new variants of Coronavirus (South African and Brazilian) being founded makes it extremely unlikely that this will be soon. In Europe (Continental and Ireland) the vaccine rates are declining due to the rare blood clots found in the UK-made vaccine, this has made a significant drop in the continent but in the UK 32 million people have had at least one vaccine making the path to travel even better. The Government predicts that some foreign travel (for business purposes and dying loved ones) will be unrestricted by 17th May and travel completely unrestricted by 21-30th June (this date is to be confirmed)

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