SUNDAY AUG 07, 2022
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NEWS Jul 16, 2022 DOT Grants Delta and United South Africa Slots For the past two months, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines have been fighting a legal battle to operate new services from their hubs in the United States to Cape Town, South Africa. In this article, we explore the background and the arguments of each airline, as well as the new decision made by the Department of transportation to grand an equivalent amount of slots to each carrier. Read More →
NEWS May 23, 2022 United Airlines Returns To Norway On May 20th, United Airlines new service connecting Newark (EWR) to Bergen (BGO) began, which also marks United Airlines return to Norway. It is Bergen’s only long-haul route and it is the first time since October 2018 that Bergan has a non-stop flight to the United States. Read More →
TRIP REPORTS Apr 27, 2022 Trip Report: United 737 Max First Class I recently had the chance to fly on United's 737 MAX First Class due to a MileagePlus Complimentary Premier Upgrade. It was quite an enjoyable experience for such a short flight. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 23, 2022 The Crash That Caused The Pilot Shortage Describing why the new Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) hourly requirements in the U.S. are making the current pilot shortage worse. Relating this to the colgan air crash in 2009 that resulted in the increase from 250 to 1,500 hours required for ATP. Read More →
ROUTES Nov 16, 2021 Frontier Drops Newark and Washington Dulles From Network Frontier recently announced their plans to drop flights to Newark Liberty International Airport and Washington Dulles International Airport. This news comes as Frontier drops several cities with too high of operating costs. Read More →
ROUTES Nov 10, 2021 Elite Airways Launches Flights to St. Augustine The article talks about Elite Airways' plan to fly to SGJ. It discusses info about the fleet types that may be used as well as airfare. Read More →
ROUTES United to Launch Daily Transcontinental Routes from JFK After 5 years of absence, United Airlines plans to return to JFK. The inaugural flight is scheduled for February 1, and will fly from JFK to both Los Angeles and San Francisco. Read More →
NEWS United Offers Rapid Tests for Transatlantic Flights United Airlines recently announced it would begin offering a free transatlantic COVID-19 testing program for travelers headed from Newark to London-Heathrow. The testing program is set to begin on November 16 and last four weeks, until December 11. Read More →
NEWS American and JetBlue to Form Strategic Partnership American and JetBlue will form a significant partnership in the Northeast Corridor. How will it be done? Click for an in-depth analysis. Read More →
ROUTES JetBlue Announces 30-Route Network Expansion American hybrid carrier jetBlue has announced a network expansion of 30 routes. Read more to find out the carrier's rationale for announcing such a bold action. Read More →