FRIDAY JUL 19, 2024
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Tag: Flight safety
NEWS Jul 04, 2024 More Than 30 Passengers Injured After Air Europa 787 Hits Severe Turbulence Over Brazil More than 30 passengers were injured after and Air Europa Boeing 787 hit severe turbulence off the coast of Brazil. The flight from Madrid to Uruguay diverted to Natal, Brazil to provide medical assistance to injured passengers. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jun 17, 2024 Why Using Mobile Devices on Airplanes Are Prohibited During Takeoff and Landing. Why mobile phones can't be used during takeoff and landing: there are certain reasons to acknowledge that why using mobile devices on airplanes is prohibited during certain stages of their flight. Read More →
NEWS Jun 13, 2024 The Future of Aviation Regulation: Keeping Pace With Innovation Regulations are an incredibly complex and nuanced topic within aviation. They can prevent the use of new innovations and severely inhibit progress. But by including regulatory officials into the developmental process, regulations can adapt to the new and changing aviation. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jun 04, 2024 Rockwell Collins’ Integration of Proline Fusion Takes Avionics to New Heights Discover how Rockwell Collins' Pro Line Fusion is revolutionizing aviation with Android-inspired technology, high-resolution synthetic vision, advanced data link capabilities, and touch flight displays. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jun 02, 2024 What is Night Vision Goggles Technology in Aviation? In aviation, Night Vision Goggles technology aids the aircrew in seeing through low-light conditions, whether inside the cockpit or from an external view. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL May 31, 2024 Predictive Maintenance: Ai Impact on Fleet Uptime Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the aviation industry by improving airplane maintenance and reducing downtime. Through predictive maintenance, smart decision-making, and efficient resource use, AI helps airlines keep planes in the air longer and save on costs. This technological advancement ensures safer and more reliable air travel for everyone. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL May 24, 2024 What Are the Safety Implications of eVTOL Aviation? The rapid development and introduction of eVTOL aircraft into the international aviation industry has raised numerous questions about the safety of electric flight, especially in dense, urban settings. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 09, 2024 Flight Safety: Preventing Accidents and Emergencies Learn essential strategies and protocols to prevent accidents and emergencies in aviation. Explore rigorous maintenance, pilot training, and emergency response plans. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jan 15, 2024 The World's Five Most Dangerous Airlines Aviation is one of the safest forms of transportation globally, and the industry continues to see improvements and advancements in safety technology year after year. With many countries having strict aircraft safety regulations and training required to fly planes, most airlines have untarnished safety records in recent decades. Some airlines, though, still face struggles that, many times, they cannot control. Considering accidents and troubling incidents, these are the world's five most dangerous airlines. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Dec 29, 2023 Why do Airlines Ask Passengers to Use Airplane Mode? So you've buckled in, stowed your tray table, and prepared for takeoff. But before that thrilling climb, you hear "Please switch your electronic devices to airplane mode." But beneath this simple instruction lies a crucial layer of safety for both passengers and crew. Let's unravel the mystery of airplane mode and understand why it's essential on every flight. Read More →