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Rockwell Collins’ Integration of Proline Fusion Takes Avionics to New Heights

Rockwell Collins’ Integration of Proline Fusion Takes Avionics to New Heights

BY MOHSIN HASSAN Published on June 04, 2024 0 COMMENTS

The technological advancements of Android and AI have innovated all spheres of life, including aviation. The perfect combination of these two technologies has allowed aerospace companies like Rockwell Collins to modernize the concept of flying.




The Iowa-based multinational corporation has recently integrated a powerful and Android-inspired avionics system—Pro Line Fusion. This modernized avionics system features data link capabilities among the different onboard systems from air to ground and ground to air. A high-resolution touch display, in combination with high-resolution synthetic vision, turns the night into a sunny day with full visibility.


Photo: AeroXplorer | Josh H


Rockwell Collins is committed to gliding the avionics for future airspace requirements with new powerful features that automatically highlight the issues with enhanced safety protocols and give a unique flight experience overall.


Unique Features


The system is known as PROLINE Fusion with the following state-of-the-art capabilities:


  • High-resolution synthetic vision enhances the pilot's visibility even in the dark.
  • Featured data link capability that enhanced data communication among onboard systems at an entirely new level.
  • Built-in charts feature enables quick updates of flight plans.
  • Multiple weather displays and information forms.
  • Integrating and setting up flight plans through your cell phones


Rockwell Collins, A Game-Changer in Aviation


Rockwell Collins’ first-ever touch flight display is a game changer in aviation technology. It has made flying as easy as playing a simulator game on your cell phone. The technology comprises enhanced processing capability and database management with high-resolution displays backed by fiber-optic data buses.


Multiple Aviation companies like Textron, Bombardier, and Embraer are interested in integrating this next-generation tech marvel into their airplanes.

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