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INFORMATIONAL Jun 17, 2024 Why Using Mobile Devices on Airplanes Are Prohibited During Takeoff and Landing. Why mobile phones can't be used during takeoff and landing: there are certain reasons to acknowledge that why using mobile devices on airplanes is prohibited during certain stages of their flight. Read More →
NEWS Jun 17, 2024 The Insane Growth of Turkish Airlines When you think of an airline that never seems to stop growing, there’s no better example than Turkish Airlines. The carrier continues to rapidly expand its already massive global reach, having inaugurated its newest American destination with more expected to follow soon. Not only this but Turkish recently placed a massive aircraft order with rumors that another one will be coming shortly as well. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jun 13, 2024 A Look Inside the World of Air Freight Global commerce is at an all-time high, and aviation is vital in transporting precious commodities from one end of the world to another. With this in mind, it makes sense that various cargo airlines are established globally. These carriers play a big part in helping the economies of their respective nations thrive. That said, let's further explore the world of air freight. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jun 12, 2024 The Four Airlines Powering America’s Aviation Industry The United States is one of the largest aviation markets in the world. Therefore, it makes sense that the country is home to various airlines and has had a colorful airline history over the years. However, despite the U.S. having such a large domestic market, one may argue that the country's aviation industry is an oligopoly. Could this be the case? Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jun 12, 2024 Why Airlines Fail: Find the Historical Reasons Behind Aviation Disasters Explore why airlines fail through the examples of some of the largest collapses of the giant airlines in the United States and Europe. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jun 10, 2024 What Happens to Pilots After Aviation Accidents? If a plane crash occurs, a government-led investigation will begin. The pilot is usually suspended from duties and undergoes extensive interrogation from the concerned authorities. Read More →
NEWS Jun 10, 2024 Hailstorm Damages Nose, Windshield of Austrian Airlines Plane The Austrian Airlines A320 encountered a hailstorm on Sunday while approaching Vienna Airport in Austria from Palma De Mallorca. Read More →
NEWS Jun 09, 2024 United Airlines Starts Serving Personalized Ads to Passenger Seat-Back Entertainment Devices United Airlines announced the launch of Kinective Media by United Airlines that will bring personalized advertisements to passenger's inflight entertainment screens. United will begin to use demographic information, such as hometowns, flight information, and age to create aggregated and anonymized audience segments who will receive ads that are more personalized to their backgrounds. Read More →
NEWS Jun 08, 2024 Alaska Airlines Flight Carrying Tech N9ne Returns to Kansas City Amid Suspected Fuel Leak Alaska Airlines Flight 291, which headed from Kansas City to Seattle, faced a mid-air emergency at approximately 15:19 local time on June 7th, 2024. This was due to a suspected fuel leak. The incident led to the shutdown of one engine and therefore the plane immediately returned to the Kansas City International Airport. Read More →
STORIES Jun 01, 2024 The World's First Scheduled Air Mail Flight The world's first scheduled airmail flight began as a triangle between three large cities: Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City. It helped facilitate increased connectivity within the North-Eastern United States by revolutionizing communication, promoting economic growth, and bringing people closer together. Read More →