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INFORMATIONAL May 08, 2024 Smoking in the Sky Smoking in some places was allowed on airplanes until the early-2000s. Legislation and rules now prohibit it, which can land you with harsh legal action if caught. What rules against smoking exist in 2024? Read More →
NEWS Feb 19, 2024 Aero Dili Criticized After Posting Aviation YouTuber's Passport Online in Revenge Against Negative Flight Review A recent incident involving Josh Cahill and Aero Dili, an airline based in East Timor, has ignited a firestorm of criticism. This incident raised serious questions about data privacy and ethical business practices. The saga began when Josh Cahill, a travel vlogger on YouTube with 681,000 subscribers, published a negative review of his experience flying with Aero Dili in October 2023. Read More →
NEWS Feb 18, 2024 Revolutionizing Air Travel: Premium Leisure Airline Beond Introduces Apple Vision Pro as In-Flight Entertainment Beond is a Maldivian airline founded by Nilov and Tero Taskila and based in Malé, the capital of the Maldives. It aims to expand the Maldives' international connectivity by providing nonstop flights to destinations across Europe and Asia. Beond will enhance its inflight experience by providing passengers with the Apple Vision Pro on its flights. Read More →
NEWS Feb 13, 2024 Air France Adds Meals by Michelin-Starred Chef in Business and First Class on Flights From the U.S. Air France, renowned for its commitment to culinary excellence, has unveiled a new culinary partnership with triple Michelin-starred French chef Dominique Crenn. Passengers flying from select destinations in the U.S. can now savor exquisite dishes crafted by Chef Crenn in the La Première and Business cabins, enhancing the airline's onboard dining experience. Read More →
NEWS Feb 02, 2024 Southwest Airlines Unveils New Cabin Design and Crew Uniforms American low-cost giant Southwest Airlines unveiled plans to redesign its aircraft interiors and refresh its employee uniforms. Southwest believes these changes will bring a more modern look to its admired brand. Read More →
NEWS Feb 02, 2024 Delta Air Lines Adds New First Class Seats on Boeing 737-800s, Expands Delta One on Airbus A350-900s Delta Air Lines will update the cabins on its Airbus A350-900 aircraft and select Boeing 737-800 planes over the coming months. The airline aims to improve the onboard experience for passengers, especially those flying in its premium cabin classes. The updated cabins will appear on the first 737-800s and A350-900s in February and the summer, respectively. Read More →
NEWS Jan 09, 2024 Air India Business Class Passenger Disgusted By Smelly Onboard Experience on Flight Business class is widely regarded as offering a superior onboard experience to economy. This was not the case on an Air India flight from Mumbai (BOM) to Singapore (SIN) that operated on January 7. A man documented his experience in business class onboard one of the two flights, and it turned out opposite than expected. A female passenger removed her shoes and placed her bare feet on the man's armrest. The man, who was asleep until the incident occurred, was woken up by the woman's toenails touching his arm and a foul smell. Read More →
NEWS Dec 20, 2023 Global Airlines Appoints New Cabin Design Partner Global Airlines, an upcoming UK-based carrier, has not been in the news for a while. However, progress is surely being made as the airline recently appointed a new cabin design partner. This exciting news goes to show that Global is serious about truly becoming a successful carrier. Let's take a look at who the airline has appointed to design its upcoming onboard product. Read More →
NEWS Dec 18, 2023 Inside Southwest Airlines' Controversial Policy for Plus-Sized Passengers A new TikTok trend? Nope, Southwest has had the "Customer of Size policy" for over three decades. The policy has been a point of major controversy in the past week or two. While many say it is a policy that promotes bad lifestyle and health choices, some also state it is just a way to make sure everyone flies with comfort in mind. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Nov 30, 2023 Top Five Most Interesting Economy Class Seat Concepts Spending a long-haul flight in economy class may not seem very appealing to most people. However, there are a handful of airlines out there that have brought some rather interesting economy seat concepts to the market. That said, let's look at the five most interesting airline economy seat concepts. As a disclaimer, these airlines are ranked in no particular order. Read More →