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TRIP REPORTS Apr 11, 2024 Flying for Free: A Day in the Life Our writer, Daniel Ren, discusses his personal experiences flying for free on Delta Air Lines. He shares some advice that can help you if you ever work for an airline. Read More →
STORIES Mar 21, 2024 North Korean Bomb in Overhead Storage Bin Explodes Mid-Flight: Korean Air Flight 858 On November 29, 1987, Korean Air Flight 858 was on its way from Abu Dhabi to Bangkok when all communications with the flight were suddenly lost. What first seemed like an aircraft malfunction or pilot error soon became known as the worst terrorist act involving both North and South Korea, with a dark purpose to throw off a major international event. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 19, 2024 How Boeing's Aircraft Conduct International Charter Flights for Baseball Teams Major League Baseball (MLB) will host three games in global markets for the 2024 season, including the first-ever match in South Korea. Although the event brings excitement, the team travel logistics present an obstacle with sleep and adjustment for the start of the season. Most MLB teams use various Boeing aircraft for charter flights to domestic and international games. Read More →
NEWS Mar 01, 2024 Asiana Airlines to Retire Its Last Boeing 747-400 Aircraft After 25 Years The COVID-19 pandemic has seen several aircraft being retired earlier than expected. It was expected that Asiana Airlines would retire their Boeing 747-400s permanently. One sole aircraft, HL7428, made it through the pandemic and is still flying for Asiana. However, with HL7428 nearing 25 years of operation, Asiana has announced that the aircraft will retire on March 25. Read More →
NEWS Feb 28, 2024 Korean Air Will Give Three Airbus A350 Planes to T'way Air The proposed merger between Korean Air and Asiana Airlines requires a solution to prevent the combined carrier from having a monopoly in South Korea's aviation market. One solution suggested was to supply T'way Air, a South Korean low-cost carrier (LCC), with five Airbus A330-200s from the Korean Air fleet. However, reports indicate that Korean Air is considering giving three Airbus A350-900s from the Asiana fleet once the merger is complete. Read More →
TRIP REPORTS Feb 24, 2024 Trip Report: Economy and Business Class on Korean Air's Boeing 737 MAX 8 Our writer, Sean Kim, had the chance to go on two flights in Korean Air's Boeing 737 MAX 8 fleet. One flight was in economy class from Seoul-Gimpo (GMP) to Jeju (CJU). The return flight from CJU to GMP was in business class. Read More →
TRIP REPORTS Jan 07, 2024 10 Asian Cities You Must Visit in 2024 There are so many fantastic cities in Asia, but here are my personal top ten. With airline advice and a list of things to do in each city, this article will get you thinking about your next trip! Read More →
NEWS Aug 29, 2023 Korean Air Will Weigh Passengers Before Boarding Korean Air will request passengers to weigh themselves at the airport before boarding their flight. However, the airline's goal is not to engage in body shaming or other forms of discrimination against passengers because of their weight. Instead, Korean Air wants to collect data to determine the optimal weight distribution on its aircraft. Read More →
ROUTES Jul 20, 2023 Korean Air Resumes Flights to Multiple East Asian Destinations Over the coming months, Korean Air is set to resume multiple routes from the carrier's hubs at Seoul Incheon (ICN) and Busan Gimhae Int'l (PUS) to Japan and China. In response to the sharp increase and subsequent high demand for international air travel, Korean Air will be increasing the frequency of flights on multiple long-haul routes within the airline's network. Read More →
NEWS Jul 10, 2023 Korean Air to Use Airbus A380 on Flights to Hong Kong Korean Air plans to use the Airbus A380 on its service from Seoul-Incheon International Airport (ICN) to Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) starting in October. Korean Air's future schedule reveals that the airline plans to operate 28 direct A380 flights between the two destinations. Read More →