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INFORMATIONAL Nov 09, 2023 An Oversimplified Guide to Aircraft Lightning Strikes Lightning strikes aircraft all the time, but is it something to fear? Typically not, as aircraft are well-engineered to withstand strikes. Read More →
NEWS Nov 02, 2023 Delta Pilot Threatens to Shoot Captain Over Medical Diversion Federal authorities in Utah have indicted a former Delta Air Lines pilot for allegedly trying to shoot his captain during a flight last year. Jonathan Dunn was indicted in a Utah District Court on October 18 for disrupting the crew's operations on a commercial flight. This incident, along with another one involving an Alaska Airlines pilot, signifies the importance of mental health in the aviation industry. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Oct 18, 2023 Can Hackers Steal Your Information Through Airplane Wifi? Security experts warn that connecting to the Internet during a flight could jeopardize personal data. Inmarsat, a British satellite telecommunications company, reveals that 80% of people would opt for airline Wi-Fi on their next trip, with over 65% having used it in the past year. However, experts highlight the inadequacy of inflight hotspot security. The main danger is that hackers can steal your information. Your safety is in your hands. Read More →
NEWS Oct 17, 2023 EasyJet Cancels Flight After Passenger Bathroom Incident easyJet canceled one of its flights after a passenger defecated on the bathroom floor. The flight was scheduled from Tenerife South Airport (TFS) to London Gatwick Airport (LGW) on October 15. This incident added to the several hours of delays that the flight has faced. Read More →
NEWS Sep 26, 2023 Ensuring Air Travel Safety: Challenges, Innovations, and Future Perspectives Air travel safety is paramount in the aviation industry. Rigorous training, cutting-edge technology, and meticulous maintenance procedures ensure that passengers and crew can confidently take to the skies, knowing that their journey is in capable hands. The commitment to safety is unwavering, regardless of the issues faced at hand. Read More →
NEWS Sep 16, 2023 Delta Air Lines Joins Coalition to Produce Sustainable Aviation Fuel in Minnesota Delta Air Lines has joined a coalition that aims to facilitate SAF production in Minnesota. The Minnesota SAF Hub is the first large-scale SAF hub in the US. The alliance aims to have SAF play a role in decarbonizing the aviation industry, especially at Delta's Minneapolis-Saint Paul hub. Read More →
NEWS Aug 28, 2023 FAA Commits $121 Million to Fund Airport Safety The FAA has announced a new round of funding—$121 million—to improve domestic airport safety. The announcement comes on the heels of a scathing NYT report of domestic airspace safety where the FAA was criticized for how they have handled the recent rise in runway incursions. Read More →
NEWS Aug 22, 2023 Google and Microsoft to Invest in Sustainable Aviation Fuel Two of the world's largest technology companies announced plans to invest in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) this month. Google and Microsoft will contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the aviation sector, which accounts for 2% of global carbon dioxide emissions. SAF is widely regarded as one of the most feasible ways to make aviation more sustainable in the short-term. Read More →
NEWS Aug 14, 2023 Near Collision Occurs Between Southwest 737 and Citation at San Diego The United States' latest near collision incident has occurred at San Diego International Airport (SAN), with a Southwest airlines flight and private jet. This is the eighth major close call incident involving a commercial aircraft in 2023. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jul 15, 2023 Where is The Safest Place to Sit On a Plane? Air travel remains the safest form of long-distance transportation. Even as the number of flights worldwide continues to increase year after year, the number of fatal accidents continues to drop. But even despite the highly-safe nature of air travel, one may still wonder: where is the safest place to sit onboard an aircraft? Read More →