SUNDAY JUN 16, 2024
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STORIES May 04, 2024 Death Flights: A Legacy of State Terror in Argentina Death flights were just as terrible as they sound. One regime in South America used this as a primary tactic of suppressing its political enemies. This is the story of Argentina's "death flights" Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 11, 2024 Why Germany's Parliament Flies Its Members Only in Economy Class The Deutscher Bundestag enacted a recent change making Parliment members sit in economy for short haul flights. This comes after overspending on business and first class tickets in 2023. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 08, 2024 How Geopolitical Events Affect Civil Aviation Safety During armed conflict, no-fly zones are enacted in airspace that cannot be guaranteed safety. As a result, rules of war are in place to deter civilian aviation from getting looped into these conflicts. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 04, 2024 What Happened to Donald Trump's $365 Million, All-Boeing 727 Airline? Aside from being a successful businessman and a former American president, Donald Trump is also known for his stunning private Boeing 757. But did you know that Trump once owned his own airline some 30 years back? We will be recounting the story of the Trump Shuttle. Read More →
NEWS Apr 02, 2024 Could Dulles Airport Be Renamed After Donald Trump? These Politicians Say Yes The latest controversy surrounding former president Trump involves members of the Republican party pushing to rename Washington DC's primary international airport after him. The pushback surrounding the bill introduced on Friday is massive. Read More →
NEWS Feb 28, 2024 Hundreds of Flights Canceled in Argentina as Aviation Employees Go on One-Day Strike Hundreds of flights were canceled in Argentina as unionized airport employees partake in a 24-hour strike on February 28. The only airlines operating at Ezeiza International Airport (EZE) in Buenos Aires are American Airlines and Flybondi. As the strike was coordinated, various domestic and international airlines flying in the country rescheduled or moved flights to assist their passengers. Read More →
NEWS Feb 27, 2024 FAA Report Slams Boeing's Safety Culture as 'Inadequate and Confusing' On February 26, U.S. regulators released an assessment of Boeing's safety measurements and company culture. The report pressured the company since it had already dealt with the aftermath of the Alaska Airlines incident in January and the two fatal crashes in 2018 and 2019 involving the 737 MAX 8 jet. The expert panel stated, "A lack of awareness of safety-related metrics at all levels of the organization." Read More →
NEWS Feb 24, 2024 Delta Air Lines Warns of Job Losses and Canceled Flights if U.S. Ends Aeroméxico Partnership On February 23, Delta Air Lines urged the U.S. government to allow the carrier to continue its partnership with Aeroméxico. Ending the partnership would have forced Delta to cancel nearly two dozen routes, eventually having significant economic impacts. On January 26, the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) "tentatively dismissed without prejudice" the agreement renewal. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Feb 20, 2024 What Can JetBlue Expect After Activist Investor Carl Icahn Acquired a 10% Stake in the Airline? Activist investor Carl Icahn has taken a 10% interest in JetBlue by purchasing 33.6 million shares of its stock in January and February. His investment has caused a more than 18% rise in the prices of JetBlue stock, a phenomenon known as the Icahn Rise. There are several possible reasons for Icahn taking a stake in JetBlue, ranging from a simple profit-taking opportunity to long-term airline control. Read More →
NEWS Feb 18, 2024 Lufthansa Ground Staff to Strike Over Low Pay at Seven German Airports A German trade union has called for a Lufthansa ground staff strike later this week. The strike will occur across seven German airports and is expected to disrupt flight operations significantly. The strike will begin at 4:00 a.m. on February 20 and end at 7:10 a.m. local time on February 21. Major airports will be affected, including Frankfurt, Munich, and Berlin. Read More →