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NEWS Apr 17, 2023 Silver Airways Faces Possible Eviction for Non-Payment of Rent Silver Airways, a regional airline could be forced out of its passenger facilities at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International (FLL) hub. Read More →
NEWS Apr 08, 2023 FAA: Boeing 787 Dreamliner Leaky Faucets a Serious Issue According to the FAA, leaks found in onboard lavatory faucets on the 787 may harm essential electrical equipment, resulting in a potential loss of safety during flight and landing. Read More →
NEWS Dec 04, 2022 FAA Certifies New Falcon 6X Engine FAA Certifies PW812D for the new Falcon 6X. Read More →
NEWS Feb 21, 2021 FAA Grounds Certain 777-200s Following Incident in Denver Following yesterday's incident, where a United Airlines Boeing 777 suffered an engine failure after departure from Honolulu, the FAA declared that all Boeing 777s equipped with Pratt & Whitney PW4070 engines would be grounded until further notice. This would allow for a more thorough investigation in the matter whilst ensuring the safety of passengers on these aircraft. Read More →
NEWS Some Boeing 737 MAX 9s Require Fuel-Sealant Inspection FAA requires fuel-sealant inspection for some Boeing 737 MAX9 aircraft. Read More →
NEWS Boeing 737MAX Officially Ungrounded Today, the 737MAX has officially been ungrounded after just under 2 years, or roughly 20 months, of being out of operation. The MAX was banned worldwide in March of 2019, after two crashes caused by a software fault killed over 340 people. Since then, Boeing has been working to fix the issues, with many unsuccessful tests, as well as lawsuits and investigations. Boeing has finally succeeded and the FAA has deemed the aircraft safe to fly again, reinstating its certification of airworthiness, and allowing the plane to soar once again. Read More →
NEWS Smooth Flying for the MAX? A few months ago, things seemed hopeless for the 737 MAX. The MAX has been grounded worldwide for over fifteen months after two crashes that killed over 300 people. Since then, Boeing has been making adjustments to the plane, trying to get it recertified and deemed airworthy once again. Boeing has, of course, experienced difficulty during this time, with lawsuits, investigations, canceled orders, loss of customers, loss of trust, and to make matters worse, COVID-19. But now, as the MAX enters the final stages of the recertification process, it seems as if things may start going Boeing's way. Read More →
NEWS FAA Chief Flies MAX and Gets Bill Approved The chief of the FAA piloted the 737 MAX 8 on Wednesday among tests for the recertification of the aircraft. Additionally, a committee on the U.S. House of Representatives approved a bill for reforms the FAA's certification process. Read More →
NEWS U.S. Panel Bashes FAA and Boeing for Aircraft Design Flaws Tests for the recertification of the 737 MAX 8 have recently begun around the world, and for the first time since the aircraft was grounded over a year ago there was hope that the plane would be flying again soon. Things were looking up for Boeing and it seemed as if the plane would be airworthy soon. That all changed this morning, when a report from the U.S. House panel slammed both Boeing and the FAA for design failures and lack of oversight that resulted in the crash of two aircraft, killing over 300 people and the grounding of over 400 737 MAX 8s. Read More →
NEWS The Return of the MAX 8 Tests for the recertification of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 are starting around the world. How are the tests going and is the aircraft on track to return anytime soon? This is a look into the failed planes progress in its attempt to comeback. Read More →