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NEWS Jun 30, 2023 South Korean Carriers Reduce China Flights as Demand Falls Korean Air and Asiana Airlines have reduced the number of direct flights between South Korea and China due to a drop in demand and the deteriorating political relationship between the two countries. Read More →
NEWS Korean Airlines to Acquire Asiana Air Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many airlines have intensified their losses or have received losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Asiana Airlines has been one of these airlines in previous years.  Its struggles have led it to a new future. Korean Air, South Korea's largest airline, recently announced that they will acquire a 30.77 percent stake in their rival, Asiana Airlines. This deal is valued at over 1.62 billion USD (1.8 trillion won) and will make Korean Air the 10th largest airline in the world. Read More →
NEWS Korean Air and Asiana Airlines Reports Surprise Quarter 2 Earnings Profit Amid the vast number of unprofitable airlines due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Korean Air and Asiana Airlines have reported profit, lead by their dedication towards cargo. Read More →