TUESDAY JUN 25, 2024
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NEWS May 28, 2024 Boeing To Open African Headquarters in Ethiopia American aerospace manufacturer Boeing announced plans to open African headquarters in Ethiopia, preferring it to other potential candidates such as South Africa and Kenya. Read More →
STORIES May 15, 2024 The U.S. Daring Mission to Steal a Soviet Made Helicopter Operation Mount Hope III was a daring mission executed by the US military in June 1988. Members of US Army’s 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment were able to pull off a dangerous heist without ever alerting the enemy or suffering any casualties. Read More →
STORIES Apr 06, 2024 The Aircraft That Mysteriously Caught Fire: South African Airways Flight 295 Whenever a major air incident occurs, authorities can determine the cause of the crash following a comprehensive investigation. However, the case of South African Airways Flight 295 is unique. Unfortunately, the exact cause of this tragedy continues to remain unknown. This is the mystery of the Helderberg, a Boeing 747-200 from South African Airways. Read More →
NEWS Feb 25, 2024 Lufthansa and South African Airways Planes Nearly Collide at Johannesburg Airport A Lufthansa Boeing 747 almost collided with a South African Airways (SAA) Airbus A320 at Johannesburg O. R. Tambo International Airport (JNB) on February 23. The Lufthansa plane, flying under flight number LH 573 to Frankfurt, was starting to take off from runway 03L when SAA flight SA 422 crossed the runway. An investigation is currently underway to pinpoint the incident's root cause. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Feb 03, 2024 Which Airports Offer Nonstop Flights to All Six Inhabited Continents? Air travel has enhanced global connectivity over the past several decades. Journeys that would have once taken weeks or months to complete now only take hours. Not even a decade ago, very few airports offered nonstop flights to all six inhabited continents. Today, that number has increased thanks to advancements in aircraft technology. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Feb 02, 2024 Why South Africa's Aviation Industry is Collapsing Amid Flag Carrier Bankruptcy and Economic Issues South Africa's aviation industry, once a symbol of the country's economic prowess, currently navigates turbulent skies. The collapse of South African Airways (SAA), the national carrier, and broader economic strains have created a perfect storm, threatening the industry's survival. Read More →
NEWS Jan 27, 2024 El Al Suspends Flights to South Africa After ICJ Ruling on Gaza War El Al Israel Airlines announced the suspension of its Johannesburg route at the end of March. This decision is attributed to a significant drop in demand, which comes amidst ongoing tensions between Israel and South Africa regarding the International Court of Justice (ICJ) case on alleged Israeli human rights violations in the Palestinian territories. Read More →
NEWS Jan 11, 2024 British Airways Pilot Kidnapped and Tortured Outside Supermarket During Stopover in Johannesburg A British Airways pilot was kidnapped and tortured by a large group of criminals during a stopover in Johannesburg on January 10. The pilot was "shaken" by the attack after being forced to give up "thousands and thousands" of pounds to the attackers in exchange for his release. This is not the first time in recent months that a British Airways employee was attacked during a stopover in Johannesburg. Read More →
TRIP REPORTS Jan 08, 2024 5 African and Middle Eastern Cities You Must Visit in 2024 There are many great places to explore in Africa and the Middle East. While I wish to travel all of them, here is a list of my top favorite destinations I've enjoyed experiencing. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jan 05, 2024 FlySafair: The World's Most On-Time Low-Cost Airline FlySafair, a South African low-cost carrier, has been named the most on-time low-cost airline in the world by aviation analytics company Cirium. This is a remarkable achievement for the airline, which has only been operating since 2014. Read More →