TUESDAY JUN 18, 2024
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NEWS Mar 21, 2024 The Next World's Biggest Plane Could Be 12 Times Larger Than the Boeing 747 Radia, a Colorado-based energy startup, has been developing the world's largest aircraft in aviation history. The aircraft, dubbed The WindRunner, will be 12 times larger than the Boeing 747. It will also be larger than the Antonov An-225 destroyed during the Russia-Ukraine war. Read More →
NEWS Apr 19, 2023 Grounded Russian Antonov AN-124 Will Be Flown to Ukraine Canada will give a grounded, Russian-registered Antonov AN-124 to Ukraine. The move comes amidst a new round of sanctions against the Russian government and enterprises within the country. Read More →
NEWS Nov 11, 2022 Antonov Begins Designing New AN-225 Antonov Company has just announced that they will begin planning out the new design of the biggest aircraft in the world, the Antonov AN-225, shortly after it was destroyed in the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine War. Read More →