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NEWS Feb 29, 2024 U.S. Justice Department Launches Investigation into Boeing's Door Plug Incident In January, just days before the expiration of a crucial deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) with the Department of Justice (DOJ), a mid-air incident involving an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 9 reignited concerns about the company's safety practices and compliance with the agreement. Read More →
TRIP REPORTS Feb 24, 2024 Trip Report: Economy and Business Class on Korean Air's Boeing 737 MAX 8 Our writer, Sean Kim, had the chance to go on two flights in Korean Air's Boeing 737 MAX 8 fleet. One flight was in economy class from Seoul-Gimpo (GMP) to Jeju (CJU). The return flight from CJU to GMP was in business class. Read More →
NEWS Feb 21, 2024 Boeing Replaces Head of 737 MAX Program After Series of Failures Boeing has been going through a lot of turbulence over the past five years, especially over the past two months. This rough patch for the once-dominant aircraft manufacturer can mainly be attributed to controversies surrounding one of its newest airplanes: the Boeing 737 MAX. On February 21, Boeing disclosed that the head of the 737 MAX program is leaving the company. Read More →
NEWS Feb 14, 2024 FAA Investigating Incident Involving Two Men Fighting on Southwest Airlines Flight to Hawaii The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is investigating a fight that broke out on a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 flight to Hawaii on February 12. Two passengers onboard Southwest Airlines Flight 1288 (WN 1288) from Oakland (OAK) to Lihue (LIH) when two men started arguing and throwing punches at each other. This disturbance prompted the cabin crew and passengers surrounding the two unruly passengers to step in and break up the fight before it escalated further. Read More →
ROUTES Feb 12, 2024 Allegiant Air Announces Boeing 737 MAX Destinations and New Summer Routes On February 12, Allegiant Air revealed the initial routes for its upcoming Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. In addition, the American low-cost carrier announced ten new nonstop routes to 14 cities across the United States that will launch in the summer. Read More →
NEWS Feb 07, 2024 Boeing's Quality Control Concerns Expand as Misdrilled Holes Found in 737 MAX Fuselages Boeing continues to face issues with its 737 MAX line, with a fresh wave of problems after discovering misdrilled holes in the fuselages of 50 undelivered aircraft. This latest setback is attributed to its supplier, Spirit AeroSystems. These issues add to the plane's troubled history and raise concerns about production quality and potential delivery delays. Read More →
NEWS Feb 02, 2024 Southwest Airlines Unveils New Cabin Design and Crew Uniforms American low-cost giant Southwest Airlines unveiled plans to redesign its aircraft interiors and refresh its employee uniforms. Southwest believes these changes will bring a more modern look to its admired brand. Read More →
NEWS Jan 31, 2024 Boeing Reports Fourth Quarter Earnings After Suspending Guidance Amid 737 MAX 9 Crisis Boeing's fourth quarter (Q4) earnings report was volatile, with both financial turbulence and a shocking U-turn on their 2024 forecast. Still reeling from recent safety issues, the aerospace giant released results showing continued financial losses and a decision to ditch their financial predictions for 2024. This move is unprecedented in recent company history and sent shockwaves through the industry, raising questions about Boeing's future and the factors behind this bold decision. Read More →
NEWS Jan 25, 2024 FAA Allows Airlines to Fly Boeing 737 MAX 9 After Temporary Grounding The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has provided a path forward for airlines to continue flying their 737 MAX 9 aircraft, laying out strict new rules and regulations for airlines to follow. This announcement comes after a grounding of 737 MAX 9 planes following a major Alaska Airlines incident earlier this month when a door plug was ejected from the 737 MAX 9 aircraft at cruising altitude. Read More →
NEWS Jan 19, 2024 Akasa Air Orders 150 Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Amid Rapid Expansion India's aviation industry is growing rapidly, with Akasa Air playing a major role in this transformation. At the Wings India airshow in Hyderabad, the young airline placed a large order for 150 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. This landmark deal propels Akasa Air's ambitious expansion plans and injects much-needed confidence into Boeing's 737 MAX program after recent incidents. Read More →