FRIDAY JUL 12, 2024
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NEWS Mar 09, 2024 Former Global Crossing CEO to Launch Air Flo, Featuring Airbus A220s A few weeks after his resignation as Chief Executive of U.S. operator Global Crossing Airlines, Ed Wegel reported his plans to initiate a new carrier operating Airbus A220s under the name of Air Flo. Read More →
NEWS Mar 08, 2024 United Airlines Airbus A320 Faces Hydraulic Issue, Makes Emergency Landing in Los Angeles A United Airlines plane made an emergency landing at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) after the aircraft experienced a hydraulic system issue. Read More →
NEWS Mar 08, 2024 NTSB Investigating Stuck Rudder From Boeing 737 MAX 8 Aircraft in Newark A United Airlines Boeing 737 MAX recently experienced "stuck" rudder pedals shortly after landing, prompting the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to investigate the incident. Read More →
NEWS Mar 08, 2024 United Airlines Plane Veers Off Runway upon Landing in Houston United Airlines has suffered the fourth major technical incident in one week when on March 8, a United 737 MAX 8 has suffered a landing gear failure and runway excursion on landing in Houston (IAH). No passengers or crew were injured in the incident. Read More →
NEWS Mar 08, 2024 Osaka-Bound United Airlines Aircraft Loses Tire Shortly After Takeoff From San Francisco, Diverts to Los Angeles A United Airlines Boeing 777-200ER suddenly lost one of its tires while taking off from San Francisco. The flight was bound for Osaka, Japan, but was diverted to Los Angeles. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 07, 2024 Ten Years Later: What Happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? On March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370) disappeared from radar. After spending over $200 million, only a few pieces of debris were found. Ten years later, the exact location and reason behind MH370's disappearance remain a mystery. Read More →
NEWS Mar 07, 2024 China Southern Airlines Flight Delayed Four Hours After Passenger Throws Coins in Aircraft Engine A China Southern Airlines flight from Sanya (SYX) to Beijing-Daxing (PKX) was delayed for over four hours after a passenger threw coins into the engine. This incident sheds light on other similar incidents that happened in China over the years. Read More →
NEWS Mar 07, 2024 Engine Burst Into Flames on United Airlines Flight Shortly After Takeoff From Houston On March 4, a United Airlines Boeing 737-900 was forced to make an emergency landing shortly after its takeoff from Houston-Intercontinental (IAH) due to the left engine bursting into flames. A passenger videotaped the incident, showcasing the bright sparks it shot out near the windows. Read More →
ROUTES Mar 07, 2024 United Airlines Announces Three New International Destinations, Adds More Flights on Existing Routes United Airlines will introduce nonstop flights to three new international destinations and expand frequencies on existing international routes. The new routes will serve Marrakesh (RAK), Cebu (CEB), and Medellín (MDE). The carrier will also add more weekly or daily flights on existing routes to multiple European and Asian destinations. Read More →
NEWS Mar 06, 2024 Ethiopian Airlines Becomes First African Carrier to Incorporate Boeing 777X into Fleet Ethiopian Airlines will become the first African carrier to have the Boeing 777X in its fleet. The airline agreed to purchase eight 777-9X aircraft, with options for up to 12 more on March 5. Read More →