By Brandon McLeish 09/10/2021 1011 views

Wifi and ultra-low coast carriers are two things that never go together, however, Spirit Airlines is beginning to implement WIFI on more aircraft in their fleet. Around 2016-2017 was when Spirit initially began installing WIFI on their Airbus A321 aircraft.

Spirit Airlines Airbus A321 w/ WIFI. (Photo: Brandon McLeish)

Recently, Spirit Airlines has begun to install WIFI on the Airbus A319 and Airbus A320ceo leaving only the Airbus A320neo left to be equipped with WIFI. Spirit Airlines utilizes the (Orlando) Melbourne Intl. Airport (MLB/KMLB) to do this procedure. So if you are ever looking on the aircraft arrival board on Flightradar24 or any other flight tracking software and there is a Spirit Airlines flight scheduled then that's most likely what it is going there for.

Spirit Airlines Airbus A319 w/ WIFI. (Photo: Brandon McLeish)

It is interesting that Spirit would choose to install WIFI on their oldest fleet type. This could be due in part to the delay in reception of the Airbus A319neos so they are installing the WIFI to ensure that all aircraft types are equal in terms of the features available onboard. The choice to install the WIFI on the Airbus A320ceos isn't too farfetched as they aren't too old with an average of 5 years.

Spirit Airlines Airbus A320 w/ WIFI. (Photo: Brandon McLeish)

According to Flightradar, it displays that the aircraft only spends an hour on the ground which is inaccurate. Flightaware shows that it spends about 3 days which is a bit more accurate.

An A320 is scheduled to arrive at Melbourne Airport.

BranMc752: Correction: spirit airlines initially started implementing wifi (on their a321s) in 2019.

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