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Oshkosh Day 3: Boeing Dreamlifter, NORAD Intercept, and More

Oshkosh Day 3: Boeing Dreamlifter, NORAD Intercept, and More


Yet another exciting day on the grounds at Oshkosh Day 3, as we caught up with our team. The afternoon show brought several thrilling acts with some stunning demonstrations!



The day began with the departure of Boeing’s Dreamlifter which attracted many to the flight line. The Boeing Dreamlifter was introduced into service in 2007 and is essentially a heavily modified 747-400. Its intended purpose was to carry components for the anticipated Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The Dreamliner’s name is what inspired that of the Dreamlifter and, of course, its livery, reminiscent of the theme of the Dreamliner.


The Dreamlifter departing back to Wichita. Photo: Sam Brandersky

The afternoon show began with a simulation of a NORAD intercept, which is a strategy to get a pilot’s attention. The demonstration involved an F-16 and a Pipistrel aircraft.




This type of intercept typically occurs when a pilot either enters some sort of restricted airspace or fails to communicate and comply with Air Traffic Control. There are several steps and procedures to follow if you are intercepted, such as rocking your wings and communicating with the jets on the guard frequency, 121.500.


The F-16 performs a low pass after the NORAD intercept demo. Photo: Sam Brandersky

Then came the F-22 Raptor piloted by the one and only RaZZ Larson! This aircraft never fails to amaze the crowd with its high-speed passes and impressive maneuvers. The F-22 is manufactured by Lockheed Martin and was developed specifically for the United States Air Force. The Raptor was built as a supersonic tactical stealth fighter aircraft with incredible air combat capabilities.


RaZZ performing a low fast pass. Photo: Sam Brandersky

The fun wasn’t over yet as the famous night show was not a long wait after! The show began with a golden hour Growler demo team performance. This was similar to yesterday’s demo, showcasing the amazing capabilities of this Boeing-manufactured aircraft. The Growler is in fact a more specialized iteration of the F/A-18F Super Hornet.

The Growler flying low and fast. Photo: Sam Brandersky

It wouldn’t be a night show without the fireworks performance! This amazing photo features the NASA Super Guppy with the fireworks display behind it.


Photo: AJ Riccobono


The Super Guppy’s first flight was actually in 1965 with this very airframe being the only one still in service today. Three are on display (one in the Pima Air and Space Museum in Arizona, one in Toulouse, and one in Hamburg) and one was broken up with its cockpit preserved.



It was certainly another fun day at AirVenture 2023 with a variety of action all across the grounds. Catch up with us tomorrow as we soak in Day 4!



Ejaaz Cadinouche
Editor-in-Chief. Based in London. Senior at ERAU Daytona Beach. Instrument Rated Commercial Pilot. LHR/DAB/MCO. ASSP. SA RAeS. United Aviate. Ex-Flt. Sgt. RAFAC

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