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Boeing 777X First Flight Postponed

Boeing 777X First Flight Postponed


Credit: Boeing

After 3 hours on the taxiway, the 777X first flight has officially been postponed. Earlier today, the 777X was supposed to go on its first flight today at 9:30am Pacific Time. After a successful pushback, it begins to taxi onto runway 34L. 

However, the weather was not cooperating well. Due to gusty winds, the 777X registered N779XW had to wait on the runway before taking off. While the aircraft was awaiting clearance for takeoff, Boeing set a time limit at 1:30pm. If the plane did not takeoff by then, the flight would then be moved to a later date. 

The 777X had waited for 3+ hours on the runway, so the flight ended up being postponed. Therefore, it had to taxi back to the delivery center. We will have to wait and see as to when the aircraft will make its first flight. That would have to depend on the weather as well as when the Boeing officials allow it to fly. 

In my opinion, I feel like Boeing is currently making progress with the 777X, but with the MAX in the way, the plans need to be postponed. Of course, the safety of all passengers and crew comes first. What are you thoughts on this? When will the Boeing 777X fly? Will it be successful? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Peter Lam
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