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An Airplane Skids off the Runway in a Bad Rain Storm

An Airplane Skids off the Runway in a Bad Rain Storm


SpiceJet flight SG-275 coming from Pune, India slid off of a runway at Kolkata Airport in Mumbai. During the incident, four runway edge lights were damaged, but no one was hurt. The plane, a Boeing 737-800, was landing at runway 19L when “[the] aircraft veered off towards the right from the runway center line owing to wet runway/heavy rain. Pilots took corrective action immediately to get the aircraft on centerline," as said by the airline. Everyone deplaned normally and safely. The crash was said to have resulted also from mud on the runway.

    ^Front View of Plane Crash. Credit:^      ^Back View of Plane Crash. Credit:^

In one month, three SpiceJet planes have overshot runways due to a wet runway/heavy rains. After the second incident that also occurred at Mumbai’s airport’s main runway, Mumbai has temporarily halted all inbound flights landing at the main runway.

       ^Images of the Plane when it skidded through mud after overshooting the Runway. Credit:^

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