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Americans will Soon Need Authorization to Travel to Europe

Americans will Soon Need Authorization to Travel to Europe


U.S. passport holders looking to take a trip across the pond in 2024 will need to take heed of this new travel requirement.


What You Need to Know


Americans who previously did not need a visa to travel to Europe will now need to fill out an online application before visiting. This is to gain authorization from the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS), with travelers advised to complete the process "well in advance" of their travels.



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While the American passport is currently the eighth most powerful in the world — allowing visa-free access to 184 countries across the globe — this may change next year with Europe adding new documentation requirements to U.S. passport holders.


Travelers will need to fill out an online application form with a fee of 7 Euros, or $ 7.79 USD from the official ETIAS website. Applications will be approved within minutes for most travelers allowing access to ETIAS-participating countries for 90 days within a 180-day period.


Minors under the age of 18 and applicants older than 70 years old can have the ETIAS fee waived.




Other applicants may be sent a decision within four days, with some taking up to 14 days for those individuals required to provide further documentation.


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All application communications will be via email, including the ETIAS travel authorization itself which will be needed to both board the flight, and for entry into the country through border control. Travelers are strongly encouraged to ensure their personal and passport details are correct and matching – any mistakes will result in passengers being refused entry.


How Long is it Valid For, and What Do I Need to Bring With Me?


An ETIAS travel authorization is linked to a person’s travel document and is valid for three years or until their travel document expires – whichever comes first. Both the travel authorization and travel document are required to cross the border.




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It is important to note that the ETIAS authorization does not guarantee automatic entry into the country. "Border guards will verify that you meet the entry conditions" and any traveler who does not meet the conditions "will be refused entry." This is all according to the European Union.


For more information on the requirements and an in-depth look at the process, visit the EU's official page on ETIAS.

Ejaaz Cadinouche
Editor-in-Chief. Based in London. Senior at ERAU Daytona Beach. Instrument Rated Commercial Pilot. LHR/DAB/MCO. ASSP. SA RAeS. United Aviate. Ex-Flt. Sgt. RAFAC

Comments (26)

The_Sarcastic_One Dying laughing here at the "boycott EU" type comments. I am quite certain the EU won't miss anyone who chooses to boycott. The world does not revolve around Americans.
300d ago • Reply
Joe Jeez don't you know better than to feed the ignorant screed carrying trolls?
300d ago • Reply
tomy Eu citizens have to pay a lot more to visit USA. It's about time the EU requires american citizens to do the same.
300d ago • Reply
T'sali I agree, especially after we lost tens of thousands and thousands of US soldiers saving their ass. Yes they need to pay now.
Steve s. I assume this does not apply if simply flying through a European hub?
298d ago • Reply
Pat By the way you can get a Turkish visa for free - more interesting places to visit than in EU.
301d ago • Reply
Alsaco as a french citizen, the US ESTA is required for my travels to the US or even only for a connection flight in the US on the way to another country. It costs 21 USD and is valid only 2 years. some comments here obviously are not coming from the smartest US citizens…
301d ago • Reply
Sananda Allsgood Sounds like a money grab is all. Something that will or could hurt the EU in the long run!
301d ago • Reply
Pat I think this is a huge insult to USA citizen’s whose hard earned taxes go to finance a majority share of the NATO budget - not to mention the billions of USD poured into Ukraine because the EU countries have no money to assist. USA tourist are a soft target and the present US government is too weak to stand up for its citizen. As a USA citizen I will encourage my fellow country folk to boycott EU as a tourist destination - there are many better, cheaper and more beautiful places to visit in the USA - anyway most tourist destinations are now overrun by illegal immigrants who survive by preying on the so called rich US tourist and have turned most big cities in EU into shitholes.
301d ago • Reply
Ken B Pat - not like we have the money to support the war effort. Instead we just float more debt. Maybe EU has the right idea ?
Georgina Echols I was asking if I needed a visa for visiting the UK from America to see my sister (not the EU.). I will never visit the EU every again. In 1972 I went to Greece when I was 22 with girlfriends from college and I went into a boutique to buy a sun dress and two guys who owned the place locked the front door and tried to rape me. Thankfully a German couple were trying to open the front door and I screamed Mama, Mama and they let me go and I ran out into the street. To cut a long story short there is NO WAY in HELL I ever want to go back to the EU any romantic’s I had about Europe was ruined that day FOREVER!!!
301d ago • Reply
Rick The same rules apply to Canadians, but there are age exemptions. I can not understand the age limitation.
301d ago • Reply
Georgina Echols I have two passports as I am a dual Citizen. One is American and the other is British. How does that work for me? Will i still be required to purchase a visa?
303d ago • Reply
Colin Clarke British passport holders will be required to obtain ETIAS too, now that we are no longer in the EU.
Colin Clarke British passport holders will be required to obtain ETIAS too, now that we are no longer in the EU.
Colin Clarke British passport holders will be required to obtain ETIAS too, now that we are no longer in the EU.
Colin Clarke British passport holders will be required to obtain ETIAS too, now that we are no longer in the EU.
Spinoneone The U.S. system for "visa free" travel to the U.S. is similar.
303d ago • Reply
304d ago • Reply
John Shirley what a vile, profane and heartless individual you are!
Edward Actually a bit rich for someone to complain about this if they are American For EU citizens to enter the US they have to purchase an ESTA which costs 3 times as much as the proposed EU equivalent and lasts only 2 years Therefore the EU version is better value for money!!! As an EU citizen I do not object to paying for an ESTA to visit the US and would expect Americans to feel the same about paying a small amount to visit the EU
The_Sarcastic_One - Um...... hate to break it to you, but it is impossible for this action to be "UNCONSTITUTIONAL" as you assert. The US Constitution applied to the United States ONLY! The EU and its sovereign member nations may enact any travel policies THEIR governing documents permit.
See the world to understand each other GODF*CK (your words) your self. Morons like you should stay at home and not travel to any other countries. And people like you are the ones that "tear appart the human race". The US regulations for travellers to America is more or less the same and much cheaper to obtain.
Aristotle Bonaventure Is this just a massive money grab? I don’t see any explanation of why this new travel tax exists. 1.4 billion travelers x 7€ is €9.8 billion.
301d ago • Reply
The_Sarcastic_One I'd love to know where you got the 1.4 billion travelers number. But even if we use that figure converted to dollars, we would be talking approximately $10.8 billion...... in a global economy of over $100 TRILLION. Is this what you call a "massive money grab?" Is 0.0108% what you call a "massive money grab?" LOL
Bob Dobbs If the Schengen $8 3-year visa is a "money grab" what does that make the USA $21 2-year visa?

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