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Air Serbia today announced three new routes commencing in the summer of 2022, connecting the Serbian capital city of Belgrade with Amman, Jordan; Sochi, Russia; and Lyon, France. Flights to Amman will begin on June 1st, while flights to Sochi and Lyon will start the following day on June 2nd. Tickets for flights to Amman and Lyon have gone on sale already, while sales for the Sochi route are awaiting permits from Russian authorities. 


Air Serbia is planning a grand expansion over the summer. Photo: Mark Harkin via Flickr


These new routes are a part of Air Serbia's grand expansion plan for the summer and follow the string of new routes announced in prior weeks. The airline has plans to start flights to numerous destinations in Italy, Spain, and Croatia over the summer, with a full list of destinations and start dates listed below:


Belgrade - Valencia, April 21 

Belgrade - Trieste, June 2 

Belgrade - Bari, June 5 

Belgrade - Bologna, June 6 

Belgrade - Palma de Mallorca, June 11 

Belgrade - Rijeka, June 15


These routes also accompany Air Serbia's new seasonal services from Niš, Serbia to Athens, Greece; Kraljevo, Serbia to Tivat, Montenegro; as well as the recently-inaugurated flight Belgrade to Niš, Serbia's first domestic flight in over 15 years.


Air Serbia is hoping to establish itself as a major regional airline connecting Western and Eastern Europe. Photo: Raphael Oletu


Commenting on the latest new routes to Jordan, Russia, and France, Air Serbia's Head of Sales, Boško Rupić, said, “The decision to introduce direct flights to Amman is a result of the strategic importance of renewing our presence in the Middle East region, while the planned commencement of the flights to Sochi is the result of the significance of the Russian market for Air Serbia and the fact that this tourist destination is underserved with direct international flights. Thanks to extremely successful routes to Krasnodar and Rostov-on-Don, we have positioned ourselves as one of the airlines with the largest market share between Russia and the Balkans. We are also focused on strengthening our presence in France, which is why we are launching flights to Lyon, being one of the wealthiest regions in the country and market with great potential. We are happy to be adding these new destinations to our network and looking forward to further expansion in the upcoming period".

Air Serbia is continuing to assess new routes from its Belgrade hub. Photo: MercerMJ via Flickr


With these additional routes, Air Serbia hopes to establish itself as a major European airline, establishing a new hub within the Balkans. The airline is also expected to announce additional new routes in the coming weeks, and perhaps you too will soon be making a stopover in Belgrade. 


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