By Calvin Stewart 05/08/2020 175 views

Credit: Jack Goldberg



As aircraft factories reopen, aircraft manufacturer Boeing may resume production of the 737 MAX, the aircraft involved in two crashes which killed all on board. According to Bloomberg, Spirit AeroSystems will ship 125 737 MAX frames to Boeing this year, which is down 90 frames from the 216 Boeing had requested before the COVID-19 outbreak. Manufacturing of the MAX was halted in January, as Boeing was uncertain if the flying bans on the aircraft would be lifted. 


Currently, as MAX production has not yet resumed, the struggling Spirit AeroSystems is producing ventilators for the U.S Stockpile. Based in Wichita, Kansas, the manufacturer said in a filing that they expected the MAX to be certified "no earlier than late summer". 


Boeing did not immediately respond to a request for comment.



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