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Luke Zinn Private Pilot Instrument rated currently seeking my Commercial Pilot Certificate (CPL). Huge General Aviation supporter and lover, feel free to ask questions about anything.
Denver, Colorado
INFORMATIONAL May 29, 2022 DC-10: Dangerous or Misunderstood? Article describing why the DC-10 accumulated such a bad reputation. The article describes the initial design flaws of the cargo door that led to fatal accidents. It also covers the undeserved media slander that the airplane received following an accident departing from Chicago O'Hare. Read More →
NEWS May 19, 2022 Alaska Airlines Suffering From Repeated Flight Cancellations Article describing the roughly 4% flight cancellations of Alaska Airlines 1200 daily flight cancellations. This comes as a nationwide pilot shortage and increased demand disrupt the airlines daily flight operations. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL May 13, 2022 The Dangers of Key Lime Air Describing the inherent dangers of flying a complicated airplane single-pilot. The Fairchild Swearingen Metroliner is widely considered one of the hardest airplanes to fly, and is operated under sometimes dangerous circumstances by Key Lime Air. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL May 07, 2022 How The Cirrus SR22 Revolutionized Aviation Outlining the initial downfall of Cirrus, and the major factors that led to its ultimate success. Includes points about the CAPS system, aerodynamic designs, and Cirrus Perspective by Garmin Pilot. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 30, 2022 The Failure of The Boeing 717 The Boeing 717-200 never fully got off the ground. Due to extenuating circumstances, the aircraft never caught the attention of major carriers and was only delivered to select operators. Read More →
STORIES Apr 26, 2022 The Cessna 182: A Pilot's Dream Article detailing the Cessna 182, and why it's the most beloved single engine piston aircraft to ever be produced. This beautiful airplane holds true to its tested design dating back to 1956, and is ideal for business owners and families alike. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 23, 2022 The Crash That Caused The Pilot Shortage Describing why the new Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) hourly requirements in the U.S. are making the current pilot shortage worse. Relating this to the colgan air crash in 2009 that resulted in the increase from 250 to 1,500 hours required for ATP. Read More →