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West Atlantic 737 Damaged During Landing

West Atlantic 737 Damaged During Landing


19th January 2021, a West Atlantic Boeing 737-400 freighter suffered a hard landing at Exeter Airport, UK. The aircraft was registered G-JMCY. The aircraft sustained major damage. There was a total of 2 crew members onboard and there were no injuries or casualties. A flight inspection after the landing showed that creases were found around the fuselage to the extent that Royal Mail were unable to unload the mail the plane was carrying. The aircraft involved in this incident was initially delivered to Alaska Airlines in December 1994. From 2009 to 2014 it flew to Donavia and in 2015 it was converted into a freighter. 


West Atlantic to lease four B737-800 converted freighters from GECAS ǀ Air Cargo News
A West Atlantic 737 suffered damage due to a hard landing in Exeter. | West Atlantic

West Atlantic UK is a cargo airline with 15 aircraft: 

-1 ATR 72, 

-6 737-300’s,

-6 737-400’s  

-1 737-800

with an average age of 29 years. This airline along with Cygnus Air, Swiftair and West Air Sweden are all part of LUSAT AIR S.L.

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