TUESDAY JUN 18, 2024
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NEWS Apr 18, 2024 Delta is Giving Away Free Flights to the Paris Olympics. Here's How to Enter One airline is holding a sweepstakes to win a complimentary trip to the 2024 Paris Olympics. Want to enter? Here's how. Read More →
NEWS Aug 11, 2022 PLAY Airlines Offering Free Trips to See Iceland’s Erupting Volcano A volcanic eruption in the Fagradalsfjall volcanic system in the Reykjanes Peninsula, beginning on August 3rd, has been a new center of attraction for tourists. In such a situation, PLAY airlines, based in Reykjavik, Iceland, has grabbed all the chances to attract new customers by offering compelling offers. Taking a step forward, the airline has organized a giveaway in which they are offering free tickets to Iceland, where people can enjoy the spectacular view of the active erupting volcano. Read More →