MONDAY JUN 17, 2024
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ROUTES Apr 10, 2024 The World's Top 10 Longest Flights Ranked by Distance Technology continues to modernize and evolve our world as we know it. One of these ways is via air travel, which has undoubtedly shrunk the world and made it more interconnected. Journeys that would have once seemed impossible or taken forever to complete can now be undertaken in hours. These are the world's ten longest flights by distance. Read More →
ROUTES Mar 02, 2024 Frontier Launches $19 Nonstop Flights to New Orleans Frontier announced 17 new routes while also cutting 16, citing a network restructuring plan. In this announcement, Frontier even announced a promotion offering $19 flights. Read More →
NEWS Feb 28, 2024 Air India and FlyArystan Planes Nearly Collide on Runway at Mumbai Airport A disaster was narrowly avoided at India's second-busiest airport as two Airbus jets were involved in a runway incursion. This incident occurred between an Air India A319 and FlyArystan A320neo on February 22. Read More →
NEWS Feb 16, 2024 Air India Under Fire as 80-Year-Old Passenger Collapses and Dies After Not Receiving Requested Wheelchair An 80-year-old man died at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (BOM) after not receiving his requested wheelchair on February 12. The man had arrived in Mumbai from New York (JFK) and needed a wheelchair to leave the airport. However, high demand for wheelchairs meant he could not get assistance, and he eventually collapsed at the immigration counter. Read More →
NEWS Feb 09, 2024 Indianapolis Airport Adds Basketball Court in Terminal Ahead of NBA All-Star Game When travelers entered the Indianapolis International Airport (IND) in January, they were greeted by more than just the usual security lines and check-in counters. Instead, a surprise awaited them: a full-sized basketball court sprawled across the pre-security Civic Plaza. This was not an average court; it was a giant vinyl decal celebrating the arrival of the 2024 NBA All-Star Game. Read More →
ROUTES Jan 31, 2024 Washington State Officials at Wings India 2024: Could Direct Seattle-India Flights Be on the Horizon? Washington State recently sent government officials to the Wings India 2024 convention to discuss business opportunities. Such a high-profile visit raises the question of possible nonstop flights between Seattle and India. Read More →
ROUTES Jan 29, 2024 American Airlines Ends International Flights From Seattle: What Happened? American Airlines once had ambitions to launch several long-haul international routes from Seattle. The carrier even had a nonstop route from Seattle to London for a short period. However, the airline soon abandoned all plans to launch international long-haul service from Seattle. There are several reasons why these routes never became a reality. Read More →
NEWS Jan 19, 2024 SpiceJet Under Fire After Passenger Gets Stuck in Bathroom for Entire Flight A passenger onboard a SpiceJet flight found himself locked inside the lavatory as he went to use it. As an unfortunate addition to this debacle, the crew could not get the door open in flight despite their best efforts, leaving the passenger stuck inside for the majority of the flight. Read More →
NEWS Jan 19, 2024 Akasa Air Orders 150 Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft Amid Rapid Expansion India's aviation industry is growing rapidly, with Akasa Air playing a major role in this transformation. At the Wings India airshow in Hyderabad, the young airline placed a large order for 150 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. This landmark deal propels Akasa Air's ambitious expansion plans and injects much-needed confidence into Boeing's 737 MAX program after recent incidents. Read More →
NEWS Jan 09, 2024 Air India Business Class Passenger Disgusted By Smelly Onboard Experience on Flight Business class is widely regarded as offering a superior onboard experience to economy. This was not the case on an Air India flight from Mumbai (BOM) to Singapore (SIN) that operated on January 7. A man documented his experience in business class onboard one of the two flights, and it turned out opposite than expected. A female passenger removed her shoes and placed her bare feet on the man's armrest. The man, who was asleep until the incident occurred, was woken up by the woman's toenails touching his arm and a foul smell. Read More →