TUESDAY JUN 25, 2024
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NEWS May 15, 2024 Onboard Emirates' New Airbus A350 Emirates is entering a new era as its first Airbus A350 prepares to enter service in September of this year. As the time draws near for Emirates' new A350, let's explore what the plane offers. Read More →
NEWS May 01, 2024 Emirates CEO Apologizes Following Operational Disaster In April of 2024, unprecedented floods in Dubai wreaked havoc on all aspects of the city. This disruptive weather unleashed a massive blow on the city as it dealt with the heaviest rain in 75 years. Emirates, Dubai's hometown carrier and the Middle East's largest airline suffered a huge blow as it struggled to properly accommodate large numbers of passengers following a large swath of disruptions ranging from weather to airspace closures. Read More →
NEWS May 09, 2023 Unabated Travel Surge Propels Dubai Airport to Exceed Pre-Covid Passenger Traffic Levels According to CEO Paul Griffiths, the world's busiest international airport is poised to exceed the 2019 passenger traffic level this year and may end with more than 90 million passengers, surpassing the 86.4 million handled in 2019. Read More →
NEWS Apr 05, 2023 Dubai International Airport Remains the Busiest Airport in the World ACI declares that Dubai International (DXB) airport retained its position as the busiest airport in the World for the ninth year in a row in 2022. Read More →