TUESDAY JUN 25, 2024
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NEWS Mar 05, 2024 United Airlines Expands Fleet With 20 Embraer E175 Aircraft for SkyWest Airlines SkyWest Airlines and United Airlines agreed to add another 20 Embraer E175 aircraft to the SkyWest fleet on March 3. The announcement stated that the partner-financed aircraft will be added throughout 2024 for a contract term of four years. Read More →
ROUTES Feb 02, 2024 American Airlines Announces Three New Destinations From Dallas/Fort Worth, Including Brisbane American Airlines has announced three new international routes from its largest hub: Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). The airline will now serve destinations in Australia, Brazil, and Mexico that are especially popular during peak travel periods. The new nonstop routes will connect passengers in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex to Brisbane (BNE), Rio de Janeiro (GIG), and Veracruz (VER). American will also reinstate a previously existing service between DFW and Kona, Hawaii (KOA). Read More →
NEWS Dec 15, 2023 Air Canada Announces New US and Mexican Destinations for 2024 Air Canada has announced a massive capacity boost coming to its network in the Summer of 2024. This capacity boost includes two brand-new destinations, five new routes, and increased flight frequencies. The new and returning destinations include the tourist hotspots of Tulum and Charleston. Read More →
NEWS Oct 23, 2023 Off-Duty Pilot Attempts to Crash Alaska Airlines Plane An Alaska Airlines flight was forced to divert early Sunday night after an off-duty pilot attempted to crash the plane. The off-duty pilot responsible for the incident is facing 83 counts of attempted murder. The incident highlights the importance of mental health in aviation. Read More →
NEWS Aug 02, 2023 Passenger Threat Forces Delta Flight to Return to Boston On July 30, a Delta Air Lines flight from Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) to Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) returned to Boston after a passenger threatened the flight's safety. Delta flight DL 5770 departed Boston at 5:29 p.m. local time and returned to the same airport at 6:42 p.m. to facilitate the removal of a passenger. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Jul 20, 2023 Why is the E175-E2 Barely Selling? Scope Clauses Explained The E175 is one of the most popular regional jets in the United States. But why isn't its updated model, the E175-E2, selling in the United States? There's a reason behind it: a concept called scope clauses. Read More →
NEWS Jun 20, 2023 A Bright Future: Embraer Secures Orders for 38 Aircraft at the Paris Airshow After just two days at the Paris Airshow, Embraer has secured orders for 38 aircraft as well as a major partnership with seat manufacturer RECARO. With these orders and partnership, the future of Embraer is looking promising. Read More →
NEWS Embraer Delays Launch of E175-E2 Until 2023 Embraer has delayed the launch of its E175-E2 until 2023. Click to read more. Read More →
TRIP REPORTS United Airlines E175 | Austin to Washington On January 3rd, I flew to Austin for the day to take photos of airplanes. After a wonderful day of plane spotting, it was time to head home. Here is a recount of my trip aboard United Airlines Regional First Class from Austin to Washington. Read More →