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NEWS May 11, 2024 SAF Powered Test Flight Shows Reduction in Carbon Emissions Virgin 100 was the first ever flight to cross the Atlantic Ocean on 100% sustainable aviation fuels. After a year of planning between numerous companies, regulatory approval for the unique blend of SAF used, and six months of data analysis after the flight, Virgin Atlantic has released results showing a major reduction in carbon emissions. Read More →
STORIES Apr 10, 2024 The World's Longest Eco-Friendly Flight The conversation about aviation and sustainability has recently revolved around sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). One company has been very progressive in its research of SAFs and has applied its functionality to a cross-Atlantic flight. In late 2023, Virgin Atlantic flew Flight100 from London Heathrow Airport (LHR) to John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) on a fuel based out of 100% sustainable fuels. Read More →
NEWS Apr 01, 2024 Poop Powered Planes and Waste Based Fuel The rise of sustainable aviation fuels has seen some interesting developments. In the UK, a company is attempting to make waste-based fuels, SAF derived from sewage, into a solution for long-term fuel alternatives. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Mar 07, 2024 The Environmental Impact of Air Travel and Sustainable Solutions As the COVID-19 pandemic is nearing its end, air travel is constantly increasing, with an estimated 4.7 billion passengers to travel in 2024, beating the 4.5 billion passengers that traveled in 2019. This also means more fuel burn is caused by commercial jets, leading to environmental pollution. Therefore, a new type of aviation fuel, called sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), was invented to reduce air pollution. Read More →
NEWS Mar 05, 2024 Aemetis Receives Approval to Construct Sustainable Aviation Fuel Plant in Central California Renewable natural gas and fuel producer Aemetis was approved to construct a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) plant in Riverbank, California. The Silicon Valley-based company will have its primary production facility in central California, which can produce between 78 and 90 million gallons of fuel annually depending on the amount of production devoted to SAF. Read More →
NEWS Mar 04, 2024 Neste’s Innovative Solution Will Reduce Companies’ Business Travel Emissions by Up to 80% Finnish refining company Neste introduced a new solution to help companies reduce their aviation emissions by purchasing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Neste Impact allows businesses to report carbon dioxide emissions reductions that align with their sustainability targets. Read More →
NEWS Mar 01, 2024 Ampaire Completes First 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel Test for Hybrid-Electric Aircraft Ampaire has achieved its first ground test utilizing pure 100% ASTM D7566 Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) produced from electricity and carbon dioxide with their partner Dimensional Energy. Read More →
NEWS Feb 28, 2024 Southwest Airlines Launches Venture Firm for Sustainable Aviation Fuel, $30 Million Investment in Fuel Producer LanzaJet Southwest Airlines announced the launch of Southwest Airlines Renewable Ventures (SARV), a subsidiary focused on helping the airline achieve its sustainability goals by obtaining sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Southwest also announced a $30 million investment in sustainable fuel technology company and producer LanzaJet. Read More →
NEWS Feb 22, 2024 Airbus Showcases A350-1000 Powered by Sustainable Aviation Fuel at Singapore Airshow Airbus showcased its A350-1000 aircraft, powered by a 35% blend of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), at the Singapore Airshow. The company showed refueling on February 18 at Changi Airport (SIN) by pumping 12.8 tons (11.6 metric tons) of a 35% blend of SAF and conventional jet-A fuel into the widebody. Read More →
NEWS Feb 19, 2024 Singapore Announces Sustainable Aviation Fuel Targets Funded by Ticket Levy Singapore is positioning itself as a leader in sustainable aviation by announcing plans to mandate the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) for all outbound flights from the country starting in 2026. This initiative underscores the city-state's commitment to environmental sustainability and aligns with global efforts within the aviation industry to transition to greener fuel alternatives. Read More →