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STORIES May 27, 2024 Remembering Iran Air Flight 655: A Victim of US Military Miscalculation in 1988 Explore the somber history of Iran Air Flight 655, a stark reminder of the consequences of a tragic military error in 1988. Join us as we reflect on this sobering event and its lasting impact. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL May 08, 2024 Smoking in the Sky Smoking in some places was allowed on airplanes until the early-2000s. Legislation and rules now prohibit it, which can land you with harsh legal action if caught. What rules against smoking exist in 2024? Read More →
STORIES Apr 16, 2024 ANALYSIS: Iran's Airstrikes Have Destroyed its Aviation Industry Iran aviation has a long and complicated history. Although being predominantly domestic, sanctions have limited their expansion into other regions. Read More →