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INFORMATIONAL Apr 09, 2024 Flight Safety: Preventing Accidents and Emergencies Learn essential strategies and protocols to prevent accidents and emergencies in aviation. Explore rigorous maintenance, pilot training, and emergency response plans. Read More →
INFORMATIONAL Apr 06, 2024 The Rise of Bird Strikes and How Airlines Reduce Them Bird strikes are a usual occurrence that airports and airlines deal with regularly. They occur when the birds collide with aircraft during takeoff, landing, or while flying at low altitude. Read More →
STORIES Mar 21, 2024 North Korean Bomb in Overhead Storage Bin Explodes Mid-Flight: Korean Air Flight 858 On November 29, 1987, Korean Air Flight 858 was on its way from Abu Dhabi to Bangkok when all communications with the flight were suddenly lost. What first seemed like an aircraft malfunction or pilot error soon became known as the worst terrorist act involving both North and South Korea, with a dark purpose to throw off a major international event. Read More →
STORIES Mar 18, 2024 The Most Avoidable Passenger Plane Crash: Air France Flight 447 On June 1, 2009, Air France Flight 447 was cruising from Rio de Janeiro to Paris when suddenly the communications were lost, and debris from the flight was later recovered from the Atlantic Ocean. The investigation revealed several issues that caused the flight to crash, which would later be addressed to improve flight safety. Read More →
STORIES Mar 17, 2024 Crashing into a Mango Garden After Takeoff: Pakistan International Airlines Flight 688 This is the story of Pakistan International Airlines Flight 688, a shocking tragedy that highlighted the negligence of an airline and the ultimate price it had to pay. Read More →
STORIES Mar 15, 2024 Catching Fire After Takeoff and No Evacuation: Saudia Flight 163 On August 19, 1980, Saudia Flight 163 took off from Riyadh International Airport in Saudi Arabia. What seemed like a normal flight started taking a turn for the worst when the crew received warnings of smoke from the cargo compartment. The flight crew declared an emergency and returned to Riyadh, landing 28 minutes after takeoff. Read More →
NEWS Mar 12, 2024 50 Injured on LATAM Flight From Sydney to Auckland After Technical Issue At least 50 people were injured onboard a flight from Sydney (SYD) to Auckland (AKL) operated by Chilean airline LATAM. The incident was caused by a technical issue that resulted in the aircraft suddenly losing altitude. Read More →
NEWS Mar 11, 2024 Cargo Door Issue Forces American Airlines Flight to Return to Raleigh-Durham Less Than One Hour After Departure An American Airlines plane made an emergency landing at Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) on March 11. Flight AA 802 departed RDU for Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) at 6:53 a.m. local time. After taking off from RDU, the flight crew became concerned with an issue involving the cargo door and returned to RDU after approximately 15 minutes. Read More →
NEWS Mar 08, 2024 United Airlines Airbus A320 Faces Hydraulic Issue, Makes Emergency Landing in Los Angeles A United Airlines plane made an emergency landing at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) after the aircraft experienced a hydraulic system issue. Read More →
NEWS Mar 07, 2024 Engine Burst Into Flames on United Airlines Flight Shortly After Takeoff From Houston On March 4, a United Airlines Boeing 737-900 was forced to make an emergency landing shortly after its takeoff from Houston-Intercontinental (IAH) due to the left engine bursting into flames. A passenger videotaped the incident, showcasing the bright sparks it shot out near the windows. Read More →