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Several Aviation Executives Commit to Using Sustainable Methods

Several Aviation Executives Commit to Using Sustainable Methods


A group of aviation companies, including airlines, airports, and aircraft manufacturers based in England are banding together to make a "zero carbon plan," which will help reduce the effect of aviation on global warming. They will commit to "cutting the aviation industry's net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050." The new group, called Sustainable Aviation, includes British Airways, EasyJet, Virgin Atlantic, London Heathrow Airport, Manchester Airports Group, Airbus, Boeing and Rolls-Royce Holdings.

British Airways is among several airlines and corporations pledging to reduce carbon emissions to zero. TheExplorerBlog | Winston Shek

Not only will it help reduce emissions, it will help raise climate change awareness in a business that leads in carbon emissions. "In 2018, CO2 emissions totalled 747 million tonnes for passenger transport." EasyJet said it will test a fully electric passenger plane within three years. International Airlines Group, owned by British Airways, said they will invest $400,000,000 in sustainable fuel in the next 20 years, as well as introducing 142 new aircraft with a list price of $25,000,000,000 over the next 5 years. This will improve carbon efficiency by 25%. 

Airlines will start to phase out older aircraft and introduce new, more efficient ones. TheExplorerBlog | Arkin Si

The industry will call on the UK government to ensure the country becomes a hub for environmentally friendly aviation technology. It is predicted that eco friendly fuel could make up as much as 32% of the nations fuel. Aviation companies will have to find a way to use more clean methods of flying while accommodating for a projected 70% increase in passenger numbers. Other companies, including "J Sainsbury, Microsoft, Shell and Tesco have made various pledges to reduce their carbon footprints." 


Kyle Jonas
Kyle is a high-school age aviation enthusiast born in Washington, D.C. but living in Chicago. He has always loved aviation. He lives right in between the approach paths for ORD and MDW, so he can watch the wide variety of aircraft land from his house. He hopes to become a commercial pilot when he grows older. In addition to aviation, Kyle likes baseball and running.

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