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Norwegian Set to Resume Longhaul Flying This Winter

Norwegian Set to Resume Longhaul Flying This Winter



Beleaguered long-haul-low-cost carrier Norwegian Air Shuttle plans to resume its transatlantic services this fall, according to a report filed by Routesonline. On July 12th, the British division of Norwegian Air Shuttle, Norwegian Air UK, proposed a return to long-haul operations on December 9th, however, these schedule filings are often fickle and subject to change.


Norwegian Air Boeing 787-9
A Norwegian Boeing 787-9 takes off from LAX. Credit: TheExplorerBlog | Bella Nava


Which Routes Are Being Restarted?

According to Routesonline, Norwegian plans to resume service from London-Gatwick (LGW) to Boston (BOS), Los Angeles (LAX), Miami (MIA), New York (JFK), Orlando (MCO), San Francisco (SFO), and Tampa (TPA). Notably missing from this filing are Norwegian's other transatlantic destinations which include Austin (AUS) and Denver (DEN). Though not necessarily bad performers, these routes were likely the worst-performing of the group, and as a result, have either been dropped altogether or have had their resumption date been pushed back. The full schedule for the routes that will be resumed is below:


London Gatwick - Boston resuming on Jan. 7th 5x weekly until Mar. 27th, then daily
London Gatwick - Los Angeles resuming on Jan. 11th 5x weekly until Feb. 14th, then 9x weekly
London Gatwick - Miami resuming on Jan. 12th 5x weekly until Feb. 22nd, then daily
London Gatwick - New York JFK resuming on Jan. 9th 16x weekly until Mar. 27th, then 3x daily
London Gatwick - Orlando resuming on Jan. 11th 3x weekly until Fen. 21st, then 6x weekly
London Gatwick - San Francisco resuming on Jan. 19th 3x weekly until Feb. 23rd, then 4x weekly
London Gatwick - Tampa resuming on Jan. 11th 2x weekly until Mar. 27th, then 3x weekly


(Data from Routesonline)


What do you feel about Norwegian's earlier-than-expected return to long-haul flying? Do you think the airline will thrive, or will it grow too much too fast all over again?

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