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Jetblue Unveils New A321LR That Will Operate to London Flights

Jetblue Unveils New A321LR That Will Operate to London Flights


Boston- Earlier this week, Jetblue Airways has reached a very large milestone in its path to beginning London Flights. The Airline has just released the first photos of its new A321LR aircraft that is currently being built in Hamburg, Germany. The photos show the tail design of the aircraft, something that people have been anxious to see since the airline first ordered the aircraft. The design is called "Streamers" and represents ribbons that are waving in numerous shades of blue.


The Tail of the new A321LR. Photo: Jetblue
The Winglet of the new A321LR. Photo: Jetblue


Jetblue employees told The Points Guy that all of the 13 A321LRs the airline has on order will dawn the Streamers design on the tail, tailfin, and Winglets. The design could also be featured inside the cabin, but that has not yet been confirmed by Jetblue. 


Where Will the A321LR Be Flying?


Originally announced in April of 2019, Jetblue plans to begin service from Boston to London late next year. The flight will be the airline's first European destination, a milestone in their plans to expand into a larger international airline in the coming years. Jetblue chose the A321LR because of its long range capabilities, and because it will give them the option to fly transatlantic while sticking to their entirely narrowbody fleet that consists of nearly all-Airbus Jets. The Airline is still debating which London airport they will be flying to, having to decide between Heathrow and Gatwick. If they choose Gatwick, they will be joining fellow low-cost carrier norwegian in operating flights between the two cities. But if they choose Heathrow, they will be competing against more expensive, larger airlines such as American and British Airways, but for a higher operating price than Gatwick. 


Photo: Bryan Wu, The Explorer Blog



With the A321LR, Jetblue will have the capability to fly to european markets such as London, while maintaining their business strategy of all Airbus, narrowbody aircraft. The milestone of their first A321 nearing completion is a major step in the goal of starting these new routes. What do you think about Jetblue's A321LRs? Leave a comment below!

Patrick Daly
Patrick is an aviation enthusiast from Austin, Texas. He grew up with a love for planes, and in 2018, he started plane spotting. Soon after, he created his Instagram aviation account, @just_planepictures.

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