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Jetblue Adds 24 New Routes to Their Network

Jetblue Adds 24 New Routes to Their Network

Credit: TheExplorerBlog | Caleb Fleming


NEW YORK- Jetblue announced today its intention to launch 24 new routes towards the end of this year. The goal of these new routes is to generate revenue, and to capture traffic on a variety of new, nonstop routes. Many of these routes have never been flown before by the airline. Each of the new routes adds strength to the airline's focus cities in Florida, Latin America, the Carribean, New York, and California. Each of the markets added in the new routes are ones that the airline anticipates increased demand for leisure travel, and they are all set to take off in November and December.


A map of Jetblue's new routes. Photo: Jetblue


"This is the latest example of JetBlue's ability to be nimble and play offense as we quickly adjust to new customer behaviors and booking patterns," said Scott Laurence, head of revenue and planning, JetBlue. "This latest series of new routes - even in the current environment - advances our revised network strategy, returns more aircraft to the skies and doubles down on our ability to generate more cash sooner." 


Credit: Pablo Armenta



With the new routes being added, the airline will need to put some of their previously stored aircraft back in service to support the new routes. As with all routes, these new markets will be regularly evaluated. The airline will continue to be flexible, allowing the demand of the market to determine how long these routes will be active. Today's new route announcement is yet another one of the numerous moves Jetblue has made to accelerate its recovery, and generate more cash, which is very important in today's economic environment. 


Where Will the Routes Operate From?


OriginDestinationFrequencyLaunch Date
Newark Airport (EWR)Aruba (AUA)1x daily11/19/20
Newark Airport (EWR)Cancun (CUN)2x daily11/19/20
Newark Airport (EWR)Montego Bay (MBJ)1x daily11/19/20
Newark Airport (EWR)Nassau (NAS)1x daily11/19/20
Newark Airport (EWR)Tuks and Caicos (PLS)1x daily11/19/20
Newark Airport (EWR)Punta Cana (PUJ)1x daily11/19/20
Newark Airport (EWR)Saint Maarten (SXM)1x daily11/19/20
Los Angeles (LAX)Charleston (CHS)1x daily12/18/20
Los Angeles (LAX)Cancun (CUN)2x daily11/19/20
Los Angeles (LAX)Liberia (LIR)2x weekly12/18/20
Los Angeles (LAX)Palm Beach (PBI)1x daily11/19/20
Los Angeles (LAX)Raleigh-Durham (RDU)1x daily12/18/20
Los Angeles (LAX)Richmond (RIC)1x daily12/18/20
Los Angeles (LAX)San Jose (SJO)1x daily12/18/20
Fort Lauderdale (FLL)Bozeman (BZN)2x weekly12/18/20
Fort Lauderdale(FLL)Palm Springs (PSP)2x weekly12/18/20
San Juan (SJU)Raleigh-Durham (RDU)1x daily11/19/20
Tampa (TPA)Cancun (CUN)1x daily11/19/20
Tampa (TPA)Richmond (RIC)1x daily11/19/20
Fort Myers (RSW)Raleigh-Durham (RDU)1x daily11/19/20
Cancun (CUN)Raleigh-Durham (RDU)1x daily11/19/20
Cancun (CUN)San Francisco (SFO)2x daily11/19/20
Montego Bay (MBJ)Raleigh-Durham (RDU)1x daily11/19/20
Las Vegas (LAS)Richmond (RIC)1x daily12/18/20


Interestingly, JetBlue announced this large route expansion just one day after United announced their own expansion of seven international routes to their network from hubs such as ORD, EWR, SFO and IAD.



These routes will add to JetBlue's previous addition of 30 routes to their network. This also comes after JetBlue's cessation of operations at LGB and transfer to LAX.


Credit: TheExplorerBlog | Daniel Mena


What do you think about Jetblue's decision to add these routes? Be sure to comment below!

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Patrick is an aviation enthusiast from Austin, Texas. He grew up with a love for planes, and in 2018, he started plane spotting. Soon after, he created his Instagram aviation account, @just_planepictures.

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